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Dee Coppola
Dee Coppola
(Photo courtesy Winifred Whitfield)

Welcome Spring

Spring officially begins March 19, but it’s close enough to begin the celebration now.

Soon, we’ll be packing up the winter coats, blankets and boots; pulling out the outdoor deck chair cushions and enjoying more sunshine. Garden opportunities and planning seasonal activities… I’m ready!

Our feature home is a farmhouse estate in Grapeview, created with imagination and carefully thought-out by the owners, Norbert and Lisa van Dam. They envisioned their forever home and planned it every step of the way.

Read out about the buzz with Chef Maynard “JJ” Meland and his new, state-of-the-art restaurant, Maynard’s, in Silverdale.

Kitchens are always “in.” They are the social hub of the home, featuring more than just food prep. Check out the 13 kitchens featured here, including the French-country kitchen of Nicole and Craig Downey. This elegant space was fashioned after a Capodimonte chandelier dating back over 100 years.

Ron Gillespie’s garden is back in the spotlight. So many changes, so little time — the ever-evolving garden continues to amaze. By the way, are you looking for gardening ideas? You can tour several regional gardens for more inspiration. Looking for decorative art pieces for your garden? Look no further than Judy Bryant’s glass flowers.

Considering a spring makeover? Trendy wallpaper is for more than just the four walls of your home. Read about the possibilities.

Historic homestead at Sehmel Park is now home to Pierce County Master Gardeners. See what they’ve done with the historic property.

The Wurlitzer Manor — find out about the Gig Harbor home that was built to accommodate a full-size, theater pipe organ.

The little waterfront village of Manchester is a small community offering big views. Check out the history.

Ginkgo biloba earned the name “survivor” after growing over 200 million years ago. Darwin called it a “living fossil.” Read about the tree living from a primeval time.

The Sip features a review of the State 42 Wines tasting room in Poulsbo. The tasting room offers nine wines on the tasting menu, sourced from vineyards focused on organic and sustainable growing practices.

Wrapping up this issue, I want to remind you to vote for your favorite businesses for the Best of West Sound 2020. So exiting!

Head outside, breathe deeply and think about how grateful we are to live in this very lush, green area of Washington state.




Dee Coppola
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