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Dee Coppola
Dee Coppola
(Photo courtesy Winifred Whitfield, Apron by Virginia Avery)

Hello, Sunshine!

After weeks in the kitchen, I am ready to play outside! Fresh air, wind, rain and sunshine are all welcoming me.

This was an interesting issue to put together, with many businesses and people “on hold.” Our writers hit the long ball to compile their materials. Even so, we were unable to photograph Brix 25° for our restaurant spotlight again.

We are delighted to feature a custom-built waterfront home, with a large auxiliary dwelling unit (not an easy feat in Kitsap County).

So many summertime articles: Become a BBQ Master, A Weekend Adventure on Marrowstone Island, Skateboarding, Golfing on the Peninsula, and Summer Slushies from The Sip.

Enjoy observations from the 2020 Cevisama International Fair for tiles in Valencia, Spain. Try a fun makeover with textures — an interesting element of design.

It’s gardening time! Check out Papa Paul’s gorgeous dahlia farm in Olalla. Free bulbs! Lynn and Jim McIntyre created an impressive garden from rocks, wet clay and scotch broom. Native plants are at home in Al Phillips’ Bainbridge Island garden. Gig Harbor gardeners take an annual plant adventure — see where they went. Read about a variety of sweet garden sheds, offering many creative ideas.

Port Ludlow is a charming waterfront community with an interesting history dating back to the 1850s. It’s now a master-planned community.

A volunteer extraordinaire, Ken Kieffer, is from Gig Harbor. Involved in numerous nonprofits, Ken has a passion for helping others.

As we bid au revoir to Amy Burnett’s downtown Bremerton gallery, let’s see what exciting plans the developers have in mind.

Summertime — with sunny weather enticing you to come out and play, choose your passion — gardening, sports, water or travel. Have a wonderfully fun summer. And, be kind to one another — you’ll never regret it.




Dee Coppola
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