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Dee Coppola (Photo courtesy Winifred Whitfield)
(Photo courtesy Winifred Whitfield)

Savoring the Summertime

Growing up in South Florida, we enjoyed summer-like temperatures most of the year. Rain didn’t matter — it would come in a deluge, then steam its way back to heaven. And we just played.

Now that I live on the Kitsap Peninsula, summertime is a much-needed respite from the cooler temperatures. Experiencing a heat wave here makes me homesick, sleeping with the windows open.

Our July/August issue features two remodels — one is the dream of a retired couple living on the waterfront. The other is a young couple remodeling their brick Tudor home. Both homes were given “extreme makeovers” with delightful results.

Our community scenes ballooned to feature 13 different events — nearly all nonprofit.

Our restaurant feature (perfect for summer) is the Boat Shed in Manette, taking advantage of the warm weather on the water.

Interesting gardening stories spotlight Savage Gardens and Dan Hinkley’s tour at Bloedel Reserve. The featured garden this issue is Kathy Hawkins’ incredible outdoor space.

The Allure of the Front Porch — America’s outdoor living room is back. Discover the history of the front porch, and the social implications.

This issue offers a great variety of kitchens submitted from builder, designer and architect partners. So many ideas — you may be thinking remodel!

Enjoy The BARN, a unique location on Bainbridge Island offering space for collaborative learning, teaching and creating.

Celebrate stone carvers at the Northwest Stone Sculptors Symposium in Port Orchard. Read about the Chico Salmon Park, a natural resource of the Chico Creek watershed.

Summer seems a short-lived season in the great Northwest. My best advice? Go outside and swim, run, boat, walk, cycle, garden and play!



Dee Coppola
DEE COPPOLA Founding Editorial Director
dee [at] wshg [dot] net
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