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Dee Coppola
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The Best of Spring

I love a clean slate, a fresh start. Flinging the doors open wide and letting winter wander out! My tulips are fighting their way out of the ground in a confetti of color, whereas a few weeks ago there was none. It’s official — spring is here!

Our cover highlights a fun business, Soft Cocktails. It offers clean, green and non alcoholic beverages, and they even look delightful.

This issue features three homes. A lovely, well-thought-out water and mountain view home in Seabeck. Lots of ideas for your next project, too! A multigenerational home in Gig Harbor, with ample living space for everyone; and a young Poulsbo family’s dream farmhouse.

If you’ve been wishing for, yet been uncertain about tile in your home, How to Choose a Tile for your Project will give you all the info you need to make a great decision.

See what internationally known Mardi Rees has been up to lately. Speaking of artists, while Amy Burnett is retiring (we’ll see), check out her latest project: People on the Walls. Creativity abounds!

Our spring gardening feature is Poulsbo’s Valley Nursery, a longtime source for a large variety of plants, flowers, trees, containers and advice. The Fern Gardens of Dave and Lori Gibson are stunning! Read about Bloedel Gardens’ Japanese Gardens curator and what it takes to oversee authentic gardens.

Need a project or an idea? Art Is for the Birds is an eclectic collection of creative birdhouses. Read about the Humane Society of Kitsap. They are focusing on expansion to better serve the community.

Bainbridge Island’s Harbor Public House is a longtime choice for friends to gather and for people looking for great food and drink. And speaking of food, we are happy to introduce The Chefs’ Choice, which features chefs from around our region, musing on where and what they like to eat when they aren’t working. It’s interesting to find out how they started their career, and their favorite foods.

Also inside, you’ll find our 2018 Best of West Sound awards. Did your nominees make the cut? Congratulations to the winners and runners-up.

It’s springtime — be certain to get out of the house!

Check out the 2018 Spring Home & Garden Expo at the Fairgrounds March 16, 17 and 18. kitsapbuilds.com




Dee Coppola
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