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Photo courtesy Winifred Whitfield
Photo courtesy Winifred Whitfield

The Dog Days of Summer

Here in the Northwest, little attention is paid to this phase of summer, but where I’m from, “dog days” has a special meaning. The ancient Romans called the hottest, most humid days of summer “dies caniculares” or dog days. They associated those days with the star Sirius (known as the dog star). Dog days, the most oppressive time of summer, occurs between July 3 and Aug. 11, and is supposedly marked by lethargy and indolence. Wouldn’t this be the time to kick back, take off from work and spend time on the beach or in the water? Now you have permission — it’s dog days after all!

The July/August issue is packed. The cover home, Heron Hall, is considered the greenest home ever. We are delighted to feature this home designed by owner/renown architect Jason McLennan.

On the other side of the spectrum is a boathouse lavishly remodeled for a family — very interesting.

Gardening features include: Rodgers Country Nursery, The Magic of Fletcher Bay Gardens and The Dark Side in the Garden.

So much to do in the summer — cool places to enjoy dog days. Manette, camp like a scout, Cameo Boutique in Union and Mossback Restaurant in Kingston. Also, remember the Kitsap Wine Festival and the Hansville Garden Tour.

We also feature one of my favorite artists, Theresa Stirling, who has unusual techniques.

Lots to consider in Bath Trends, Solar Tips (how to harness the sun) and Outdoor Rooms. Peruse the Build and Design Professional Profiles for ideas too.

Congratulations to our Creative Tablescape winners: Dan Shoap, Beth Henkelman and Betty and Dennis Jacobson. See their beautiful creations on page 26. We thank all who entered the tablescape competition.

Happy summertime!




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