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Dee Coppola (Photo courtesy Winifred Whitfield)
(Photo courtesy Winifred Whitfield)

With Gratitude & Admiration

The most delightful time of the year is upon us; and the chill in the air is a small price to pay for the changes in attitude. The brisk air seems to sweep away the cobwebs of complaining and bickering, replacing them with the joy and excitement the holiday celebrations bring.

Make merry! Home is the heart of the holidays and serves as an expression of who we are, a collection of memories and a place to gather.

Inspire those around you with a thoughtful assortment of spirited gifts — handmade, one-of-a-kind, or the gift of your time. May they all serve to remind you of the gratitude so appreciated by all living beings — even your pup likes a pat on the head! Tell people how much you appreciate them, forgive them, spend time with someone who lacks a friend, write a note, volunteer to deliver Thanksgiving dinners for Tony Robbins Foundation’s Basket Brigade — or serve food at a church or shelter. There are many ways to give that won’t break your budget.

Two excellent business owners are retiring this year: Bruce Nilsen, owner of Nilsen’s Appliance in Silverdale, says he is taking time for himself and his family. The 70-year-old family business is thriving, but Nilsen is ready to retire. Nilsen’s Appliance has been on our back cover for 16 years. We are grateful for his patronage and certainly his friendship.

David Godbolt of Sentinel Construction is also in the midst of retiring. His wife, Barbara, retired a few years ago and Godbolt feels now is the time he would like to travel and have some fun with family. He intends to still do a bit of consulting in addition to major involvement in Make-A-Wish projects. Sentinel Construction has also been a longtime client and Godbolt has served as an excellent construction resource for a magazine that has “Home” in its name. We will miss him.

In this issue, you’ll discover a Bainbridge Island remodeled farmhouse. Beautiful detail work by Smallwood Design & Construction.

‘Tis the Season! Check out Bixby + Pine’s great entertaining tips, along with how to be a good houseguest (or host).

Our feature restaurant is the marvelous Molly Ward Gardens. Hidden outside Poulsbo, it offers food that is creative and legendary — but, make reservations.

A variety of businesses and topics await our readers — the always popular Harvey’s Butter Rum Batter, Tango Zulu and artist Paulette Hoflin.

For our gardening fans, you’ll enjoy Dorene and Marc Fretwell’s garden. Try a fun winter greens party or liven up your containers.

We at WestSound Home & Garden magazine wish you and your family a blessed holiday season. We are truly grateful for your continuing interest in our area and the ideas you constantly offer.




Dee Coppola
DEE COPPOLA Founding Editorial Director
dee [at] wshg [dot] net
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