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Pinus thunbergii, Japanese black pine

Pruning Sustainably

Sustainability is not a word generally used to describe pruning practices. Wikipedia has a more accepted use of the word: “Sustainable development is the organizing principle for sustaining finite resources necessary to provide for the needs of future generations of life on the … read more


Spring Maintenance

8 Spring Spruce-ups and Maintenance Chores for Your Home

After a wet Washington winter, there are plenty of tasks to do to keep things in order around your home. A little routine maintenance will protect your investment and prevent more serious issues down the line. Here are some basic “chores” for your … read more



Proper Care Helps Driveways Look Like New, Boosts Curb Appeal

Our driveways get a lot of use and not much attention. You maintain your yard and home, but when was the last time you showed your driveway some love? A few simple maintenance tips will keep this part of your home in top … read more


Fall Yard Leaf Management

Collected Yard Debris Get New Life as Next Year’s Compost

Now that fall is upon us, I have started to notice the changing leaves on my way to and from the office. The beautiful colors of fall always bring a smile to my face, but the mess that follows from falling debris quickly … read more

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