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Canal Cookout

Canal Cookout an Adventure Outside the (Culinary) Box

Named by Forbes Traveler magazine one of the “prettiest towns” in America, Union appeals to summer vacationers and visitors alike. The breathtaking views, natural beauty, slow pace and recreational activities more than compensate for the off-the-beaten-path destination. But Lisa Leggett sees more than … read more

Harmony Hill Retreat Center

Harmony Hill Retreat Center — 30 Years Young

Recalling the past, looking to the future

On a sunny day, the walk leading to Harmony Hill Retreat Center’s Great Hall offers an expansive view of Hood Canal, framed by the Olympic Mountain range. Standing before that vista, it’s easy to fill one’s twin cups of humility and inspiration while … read more



Flying Pumpkins Featured at Union PumpkinFest

The annual “PumpkinFest,” a month-long fall harvest celebration, is back in Union this month. Visitors come from far and wide to join in the activities, with a featured event designed specifically to celebrate the pumpkin — the Annual Catapult Contest — on Saturday, … read more

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