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Orange-crowned warbler bathing (Photo courtesy Richard Perkins)

Name that Warbler — Heralding the Arrival of Spring

Warbler watching in West Sound country can’t compete with what the eastern portion of North America enjoys, but we do have several special warbler species. Not only do warblers move into the Northwest with spring’s arrival, some have been brightening the winter landscape. … read more


Calla lilies, like those with the black flowers of ‘Night Cap’ and white blooms of ‘Crystal Clear,’ are spring-planted bulbs that thrive in full sun or part shade and can be cut to create an elegant display indoors.

Extend the Garden Season with Spring Planted Bulbs

Keeping your garden looking its best throughout the growing season and into fall is possible with the help of low-maintenance, spring-planted bulbs. Plant them in spring among other annuals or perennials and watch as these bulbs brighten the garden, adding new life to … read more


House Cleaning

Are Your Spring Cleaning Products Safe?

Do you know what ingredients are in the cleaning products you buy? Probably not, as there are no federal governmental regulations requiring companies to disclose their contents. But harsh chemicals can take their toll on the indoor air quality of your home, are … read more



Enjoy the Early Spring Color Splash

The forsythia blooming is traditionally the start of spring activities in the garden. Rosarians use that as a clue to begin pruning roses. This year, the forsythia in my garden bloomed a full four weeks ahead of previous years due to the record … read more

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