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Salmon Tours at Donkey Creek a Chance to Observe Salmon in Restored Habitat

Did you know that there is treasure in the Puget Sound? Lacing the shores and in the rivers are glints of ruby red and emerald green that will catch a watchful eye. However, this is not the treasure of pirates and gemstones, but … read more


Chum Salmon

Salmon in November? You Bet

Leaves falling. Crisp days and often stiff nights with much cooler air temps. It’s raining again. Moving air is no longer just a breeze but an outright wind. The sun seems to spend a few hours paralleling the horizon then dips out of … read more


Donkey Creek

Take a Peek in Donkey Creek

Each year, thousands of chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) return from feeding in the open ocean to the stream they hatched three to five years earlier. In Gig Harbor, the chum salmon migration takes place in the late fall and early winter, long after … read more


Salmon is rightfully one of the most popular species with local anglers.

Exploring the Angling Opportunities of the West Sound, Part 1: Salmon

One of the great joys of living in the Puget Sound region is engaging in the variety of fishing and shellfishing opportunities while becoming more intimately acquainted with the ecosystems that support the resource. The waters in our immediate vicinity and others within … read more

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