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(Photo courtesy Eric Morgensen)

Bremerton’s Art Deco Buildings a Nod to a Different Era

At first glance, it’s their exterior colors that make them distinct: the cobalt blue of Bremerton’s Pacific Planetarium, Admiral Theatre’s color scheme of empire gold and rockwood red, and pale yellows of the city’s downtown library. Then it’s their lines — curves, sculptured … read more

"Betty," the vintage trailer
Travel Bug

Westward Ho on the Mother Road

"Get your kicks on Route 66."

Route 66. The Mother Road. The Will Rogers Highway. The Main Street of America. No matter how you refer to it, one of the original highways in the United States is both iconic and unrecognizable at the same time. And driving it from … read more

Marina Market

Poulsbo’s Marina Market Grows International Following

When Seattle transplants Andrea and Jonathon Rowe opened the tiny Marina Market on the pier in Poulsbo in 1998, they didn’t imagine that 18 years later they’d be running a popular, international, boutique grocery store selling everything from exotic craft beers to wooden … read more



Blue is a monster — arrogant and selfish, a color that wants to call the shots and pull the trigger. It can suck the air from a room one moment and bring in the light the next. The ever-present hue can confidently stand … read more

Gig Harbor BoatShop - A view of the Eddon boatshop including the pier
Gig Harbor BoatShop

Preserving Gig Harbor’s Boatbuilding Heritage

Dotted by net sheds and home to a small commercial fishing fleet, Gig Harbor’s downtown has preserved its designation as a working waterfront. This is where third- and fourth-generation Croatian families still continue their ancestors’ fishing trade that was once a booming part … read more


Retro Soda Pop Frames

Retro Soda Pop Frames

Bottle caps are among many kids’ favorite things to collect (perhaps for kids at heart too). If you’ve got an abundance, instead of discarding or thinning out your collection, use them for a weekend crafts project. Besides, your kids are asking for something … read more

Midcentury Enamelware

Midcentury Enamelware

As wanted as pigs in a sunflower field, as fleeting as floaters from a dandelion puff and as obsolete as the weekly milk delivery, midcentury enamelware kitchen items have more or less vanished from today’s scene — except for decorative candy tins that … read more


Orange and More Orange

Orange is a real monster — not intentionally, but a color that can sneak up oh, so slowly and not be the pillow-pal one might have expected. “Confrontational” may be a more appropriate word. It is a love-or-hate color that balances on interpretation. … read more

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