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Manchester State Park Ochre Star

Enjoying the Beach and Nature at Manchester State Park

We have to be grateful for this amazing winter weather we have been experiencing. For many of us, this sunshine makes us want to jump ahead to spring! As the weather continues to get warmer, it will be time for people to head … read more

West Sound's Vintage Shops
West Sound's Vintage Shops

Everything Old Is Cool Again

Vintage style is hot, and vintage shops are abundant in West Sound. Finding that perfect mix of eclectic and elegant, shabby and chic, or upcycled and uptown is easy with the collection of vendors and vintage experts right in your own neighborhood. Vintage … read more

Larry Davis, 57

Unsung Hero — Larry Davis

Resident of Port Orchard • Education Consultant

Larry Davis has been working with families since 1998 to provide consultation and advocacy. As an education consultant, he offers guidance, support and insight as parents navigate the educational system, especially with special needs or gifted children. Frequently, parents come to him for … read more


Port Orchard Gallery Walk Musicians

Enjoying a Saturday at the Port Orchard Gallery Walk

Last summer was a bummer. It seemed that all the Kitsap County gallery walks and festivals were on a first Friday of the month, so attendance was severely divided. Happy to say, “Not so this summer.” My husband, Earl, and I decided to … read more

The gazebo anchors display beds and houses a black bamboo in its center.
Glenwood Gardens

Exploring Plant Textures

Texture. It’s a word used to describe plants and how they look and feel to the touch. What plants do you think of when you hear the words silky, prickly, smooth, fuzzy, papery? Do you think of bark, leaves, stems or flowers? Nancy … read more

Orchard House — An English Cottage Garden

Orchard House — An English Cottage Garden

Journey with us back to sunnier days for a tour of an English cottage garden at the home of Deb and Jim Howard. Their charming English country-style property called Orchard House was named for the old fruit trees inherited with the property. “We’re … read more

Debbie Macomber — Knitting Hope And Dreams

Debbie Macomber — Knitting Hope And Dreams

“…I know what it’s like to be told to throw your dream away. Some of you have been told to throw your dream away, too, and some of you actually believe that maybe those voices are right; maybe you aren’t cut out for … read more

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