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El Sombrero

El Sombrero — A Taste of Mexico on the Key Peninsula

The Key Peninsula has seen its share of restaurant comings and goings over the past decade. But the Mexican restaurant El Sombrero, which opened in Key Center eight years ago, feels right at home amidst the rustic charm of the Peninsula — never … read more

Starter Home Redesign

Starter Home Gets Major Redesign After Homeowners’ Hiatus

Port Orchard home takes on Asian aesthetics after...

Imagine building a new home, then moving overseas for nearly two decades, and returning to that home that had quietly aged. That’s what one Port Orchard couple did — and when they returned, they knew the old home needed some updates and changes … read more

Jeff Yeager Yard Art

One Man’s Junk — An Artisan’s Treasure

When Jeff Yeager goes to a garage sale, he heads straight to the pile of unsightly junk — old toolboxes, rusty equipment, obsolete metal parts and the like. To the untrained eye, it all looks like a heap of unusable thingamabobs. But Yeager … read more


Gig Harbor, Washington

Gig Harbor, Poulsbo, Port Orchard Ranked as Best Places to Retire

In recent years, Gig Harbor has become a sought-after destination for retirees, lured by the beautiful views; friendly, small town atmosphere; quality of life; and an ever-growing choice of amenities. And a new ranking confirms the city as a hot location — SmartAsset, … read more

Bookstores In Kitsap and West Sound

Bookstores Still Treasured in West Sound

"The more that you read, the more things...

Everywhere we go these days, we see people looking at their phones, their tablets, their laptops, their e-readers. Electronically generated information and entertainment are part of our daily lives. We love the convenience of it and the portability. And yet, in the West … read more

Slaughter County Brewing Co

The Wine Cabinet — Slaughter County Brewing Co.

Before starting his Slaughter County Brewing Co., Scott Kirvan had been home-brewing for about 30 years. “That’s how I got started, and Slaughter County Brewery is my first time doing professional brewing,” he said. “‘Been doing this, at this location, for about two … read more

Finished painting, Oliver’s Bar in downtown Seattle

Artist Marti Green Creates Memories with… Art from the Heart

Contemplate one of Marti Green’s destination or landscape paintings long enough, and you’ll start making plans to visit the place. The Port Orchard artist’s work — whether in watercolor, oil or acrylic — uses vivid colors that make the paintings come to life. … read more

Mural at the Port Orchard Library
Art in Public Places

Mural at the Port Orchard Library

The mural on the Port Orchard Library wall is strategically placed at the town’s transit hub. In 1990, Port Orchard’s centennial, Seattle muralist Eric Grohe was commissioned to paint a scene depicting the town’s history. At one end, a seafaring man stands at … read more

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