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Roadhouse Nursery

Roadhouse Nursery — Where the Lilies Grow

The Roadhouse Nursery in Central Kitsap plays a distinctive role in the local gardening community. Owners Jan and George Bahr opened the retail nursery in 1985 and have operated it without employees for more than 30 years. Their idea for a nursery began … read more

Landscape design by Patrick Leuner

Selecting a Landscape Designer or Landscape Architect

“Gardeners, I think, dream bigger than emperors,” said author and journalist Mary Cantwell. But sometimes gardeners need help in realizing their garden dreams. When you do need help, two challenging questions arise: What type of creative professional do you need — a landscape … read more

Sundquist Nursery — Perennial beds in summer glory

Sundquist Nursery

Plants with Personality for Perfect Performance

Nils Sundquist of Sundquist Nursery is a consummate nurseryman. Growing plants has been his life’s work and passion since the age of 19. In fact, he could be called an aficionado of plants and all things related to horticulture. The nursery is located … read more

One type of green manure, clover

Mulches — Ideas for choosing the best for your garden

Late fall and winter are often good times to mulch as long as soils are not soggy and saturated. Just think of applying mulch as a way to warm yourself up on a much too chilly day. But what kind of mulch works … read more

The gazebo anchors display beds and houses a black bamboo in its center.
Glenwood Gardens

Exploring Plant Textures

Texture. It’s a word used to describe plants and how they look and feel to the touch. What plants do you think of when you hear the words silky, prickly, smooth, fuzzy, papery? Do you think of bark, leaves, stems or flowers? Nancy … read more

One of the summer greenhouses is chock full of petals and such.
The Brothers Greenhouses

Plants and Proprietors with Local Roots

A cool Northwestern day is the perfect time to duck into a greenhouse, replete with the warmth of solar energy coming through the walls, pleasantly humid as plants exhale pure oxygen, and fragrant with the earthy perfume of rich soil. Greenhouses can be … read more

Dragonfly Farms

Growing Obsession — Dragonfly Farms Nursery

When it comes to plants, Heidi Kaster just can’t say no. Even though her Dragonfly Farms Nursery and attendant display gardens are full to bursting, she continues to bring in truckloads of cool new plants, old tried-and-trues and leafy-green deals throughout the growing … read more

A rainbow of bouquets all ready for the Garden Party are the results of days' worth of work for Cathy Tyler and her talented volunteers.

Seasonal Bouquets at The Bloedel Reserve — Floral Serendipity

Cathy Tyler has a sweet job. She’s the florist for the Bloedel Reserve and with the assistance of volunteers, creates fresh arrangements for the visitors center, tends the cutting gardens and checks the existing bouquets to make sure they are still looking new. … read more

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