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Ham with Honey, Fennel and Mustard Glaze

Elevate Your Easter Feast with Sweet, Simple Ham

For most, it’s not Easter without the classic ham centerpiece. This year, add a flavorful twist to everyone’s favorite holiday main dish with a glaze, chutney or sauce. Ham pairs well with many flavors, making it easy to create a unique dish every … read more


The Wine Cabinet — Late Harvest, Ice and Port Wines

St. Valentine’s Day is always a special day at our house for a number of reasons: It’s the day we celebrate love, especially love of family because it was my father’s birthday. Marrying my wife was the best thing I’ve ever done in … read more


Christmas Tree Recycling 2016

Where to Recycle Your Tree This Year

Give your unflocked tree a new life by recycling it after the holiday season. Trees are chipped into mulch or compost, which can be returned to the earth as a soil amendment. Santa says, “Treecycle your Christmas tree! It’s cheaper and better for … read more

Holiday Birds

Holiday Birds

Birds have been a part of holiday celebrations and traditions for hundreds of years. Their place in the festivities continues to grow. During dark Scandinavian and Northern European winters, Christmas celebrations brightened the days and lifted spirits. A large part of the activities … read more

Christmas at the Deckers

Christmas at the Deckers

How do they keep track of all the...

Lana Decker’s love of Christmas began when she was in high school. Over the years, she’s amassed quite a large collection of ornaments, santas, trees… so much so, that the collections have taken over the Deckers’ three-car garage. At last count, she had … read more


The Silent Night cocktail

Flavorful Recipes to Upgrade Your Holiday Feast

This holiday season, hospitality industry veterans such as Andy Seymour — a top bar educator — are encouraging hosts to use port wine as the focal point of their festivities in both food and drink menus. “Port’s depth of flavor and versatility in … read more


In the Market Now

Mincemeat Fixin’s

It’s cold and wet; snow covers the deck and the sidewalks. Nothing warms the home and heart more than turning on the oven and baking something fragrant, spicy and tasty. The holidays are coming and a traditional delight for me is mincemeat. No, … read more


Senior Christmas

Addressing Loneliness in Seniors at Holiday Time

It is no secret. The holidays are not necessarily “the happiest time of the year” for everyone. This can be particularly so for aging seniors who may feel isolated during Christmastime due to limited mobility, diminished health or lack of contact with friends … read more

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