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Kitsap County Boys and Girls Canning Clubs, aboard the U.S.S. Nevada, October 25th, 1923. (Turner Photo)
WSU Kitsap Extension

Celebrating a Rich History of Outreach Education

On many a sunny, misty or downright rainy day in Kitsap County, you can see a group of kindred spirits bent over a Master Gardener (MG) demonstration garden — planting, weeding, irrigating and harvesting. They are carrying on a rich tradition of outreach … read more


Photo from Bremerton and Puget Sound Navy Yard by Fredi Perry

Bremerton Did-You-Knows

Bremerton is a city of surprises. Here are a few things about its history that you may not know. Oldtimers see Bremerton as a quiet but somewhat roughneck old city, pulling up its tattered bootstraps. Newcomers seem to see a newer, kitschy version. … read more


Skansie House, Visitor Information Center

Gig Harbor Opens Brand New Visitor Center in Historic Waterfront Home

In 2002, following the death of Gig Harbor pioneers Antone and Vincent Skansie, the city of Gig Harbor acquired the historic waterfront Skansie Brothers home and property located in the heart of downtown. For 12 years, the park surrounding the house was improved … read more


The Forest Mural in Bremerton, painted by Dennis McDaniel

Bremerton’s Unnoticed Wonder: 150-Foot Life-Like Mural

Bremerton’s world wonder, yet to be noticed: On the concrete back wall of the 7-11 store at 6th Street and Park Avenue is a 50-foot, life-like forest mural. Across the alley, the mural continues on the back wall of another concrete wall that … read more

Port Gamble General Store

It’s a Wonderful Life… in Port Gamble

A walk through the quaint town of Port Gamble is like stepping back in time. But for 88-year-old Lorene Klamke, the town is more than just history. It’s where she attended grade school, met her true love and gave birth to the first … read more

Gig Harbor's Net Sheds Harken Back to Yesteryear
Blast from the Past

Gig Harbor’s Net Sheds Harken Back to Yesteryear

Shortly after the first commercial fishermen began settling in Gig Harbor, net sheds started dotting the waterfront. These wood structures, built on pilings, were simple but their long, rectangular shape made them distinct. For the fishermen, the net sheds provided a convenient way … read more

American Heritage in Bainbridge Island Manzanita Bay

American Heritage

The sons of two American legends were drawn...

By their hundredth year, houses, like humans, have a story to tell. However, while all old-timers have a personal perspective on the past, few have been touched by the history of a nation. On a rise overlooking Bainbridge Island’s magical Manzanita Bay, one … read more

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