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Art in Bremerton
Part 1

Art in Bremerton, The Beginning

A long time ago, a quarter of a century has sped by as fast as humming birds in a summer flower field. The Amy Burnett Art Gallery has closed its retail operation in downtown Bremerton. From the beginning, a question was always asked, … read more

Northwest Maritime Center

Community Creates World-Class Facility — Northwest Maritime Center

Port Townsend is a small city, with a population around 10,000. Founded in 1851 on the water of Puget Sound in Jefferson County, it has an energy found in very few other cities in the state. The city has always been known for … read more

Evocative of a Schoolhouse

Evocative of a Schoolhouse

A legacy of love, life and learning spans...

In the historic community of Grapeview, it can be hard to find your way around the first time you visit. Lots of tiny dirt roads finger off from the main road, featuring funny names that are often nearly identical. It nods to the … read more

Gig Harbor BoatShop - A view of the Eddon boatshop including the pier
Gig Harbor BoatShop

Preserving Gig Harbor’s Boatbuilding Heritage

Dotted by net sheds and home to a small commercial fishing fleet, Gig Harbor’s downtown has preserved its designation as a working waterfront. This is where third- and fourth-generation Croatian families still continue their ancestors’ fishing trade that was once a booming part … read more

Japanese American Exclusion Memorial

The Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial

Located on Bainbridge Island, not far from Winslow Way downtown, is a memorial site that reminds us of a dark day in American history and also honors those who endured years of suffering. The site is called the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion … read more

Kountry Korners Krazy Kreatures Art
Art in Public Places

Kountry Korners Krazy Kreatures

You can’t get to Kingston without passing the trolls! Folks from around the area aren’t certain about the history, but it is believed Mickey Whitbeck, who once owned the Kountry Korners store, recruited a carver from Forks. Whitbeck set him up next to … read more

Harbor Family Park

Harbor Family Park — Land Saved for Future Generations

Through efforts led by Gig Harbor citizen-activist Vern Young and a few other community visionaries, a 19-acre forested site was saved from becoming a housing development so that the community, as well as future generations, will have a wonderful park. Young, who died … read more

Art in Public Places — The Roller Blader
Art in Public Places

The Roller Blader

This whimsical sculpture is part of the public art collection in Uptown Gig Harbor, a destination shopping center. Southworth artist Douglas Granum made the 9-foot sculpture from steel, covered with “Ferrari red” powder coat; and etched, stainless-steel rollers. “The Roller Blader” greets visitors … read more

Fort Worden

Fort Worden Becomes Lifelong Learning Center

Fort Worden State Park has been a longtime destination for both recreation and events. Among the many favorite parts of the park are the historic officers’ row homes, a wonderful place for overnight stays. Even Richard Gere got to enjoy the park when … read more

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