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Ocimum "Wild Red" has thick, purple-and-green leaves and pink flowers. It is also highly ornamental and looks great growing with other annuals.

Hail to the King — Basil

The Greeks held high regard for basil (Ocimum basilicum), and named the herb Vasilikos (pronounced vah-see-lee-KOHS), which means king. In India, basil is favored as a sacred herb. Throughout the centuries, the plant was considered the herb of love, yet on the other … read more

Jars of herbs lavender

Herbal Stillroom Revival

Gardens in early American colonies were not for ornamentation; they were planted and worked for provision. Specific plants were grown to provide food, soaps, perfumes, insecticides, dyes and medicines — all the things needed to take care of everyday life in the home. … read more

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