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Cistus, inside and outside of a fence

Gardening Happily with Hungry Wildlife

I expect you’ve heard that the only way to protect your plants from hungry deer is a good fence. The deer in my neighborhood illustrate this point perfectly. Before I built my current fence, I kept my treasured deer “candy” covered in black … read more

A summer bloomer, tansy ragwort can be anywhere from one to six feet tall. Ingesting this biennial weed can cause irreparable liver damage. (Photo courtesy Kitsap Noxious Weed Control)
Know Thy Enemy

Outsmarting Your Garden Nemesis

Weeds are not altogether undesirable plants. “Heresy!” you might say, but the term “weed” is an arbitrary designation made by a gardener who would prefer to grow another plant instead. To some people, a foxglove is a gift in an otherwise bare bed, … read more


Caterpillars that are hanging dead from their tent after having been destroyed by parasites.

Tent Caterpillars Are Making a Comeback

What you need to know

The last tent caterpillar outbreak in West Sound happened quite a while ago. Yet the memories — of the sounds they made as they munched away at our tree canopy and the shivers they sent through my spine as they fell on my … read more


Peruvian lily: The Peruvian lily is a favorite in bouquets but in the garden, this plant becomes a pest.
Gardening With Peg

Garden Thugs: Four Pesky Plants to Avoid in Your Garden

Most gardeners have plants they wish they never had planted. I have three in my own garden. These nefarious plants are yellow loosestrife (Lysimachia punctata), bishop’s weed (Aegopodium podagraria) and Peruvian lily (Alstroemeria). All three plants are deciduous perennials. I regret the day … read more

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