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Moss Master Plus

Moss Master Plus — Eco-Friendly Roof Cleaning and More

The sight of moss on a roof is as common in the Puget Sound region as the sight of a Starbucks coffee shop. It’s the inevitability of the wet weather and shady environment — sooner or later, you’ll likely spot those telltale green … read more

Deer De-Fence

Deer De-Fence — Protecting a Collector’s Garden

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that, upon moving to Bainbridge Island after growing up in southern California, followed by a dozen years in parched Houston, Carol Folse would become enchanted by woodland spring flowers. Folse and her husband, Parker, fell in … read more


Volunteer potatoes. On the right are the potatoes from the hugelkultur bed, on the left are ones from a standard bed.

The Mystery of ‘Potato Hollow Heart’

I love a good mystery, and the garden provides many puzzles. Sometimes I am stumped, but it sure is satisfying when the solution presents itself! Last spring, I decided to make use of some rotting pallets we had set aside. The wood was … read more


Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Fall Harvesting and Planting • Freezing Veggies •...

Fall Harvesting September and October are a time for pause and reflection and also new beginnings. It’s a time to celebrate the bounty in our gardens and to harvest and preserve fruits, vegetables and herbs for later enjoyment. If you have extra produce, … read more


Mossy rose gall

Mossy Rose Gall — A Fascinating Pest

I love plants with interesting foliage, be it the striking color, shape or fragrance. Rosa glauca, with her lovely bluish foliage, captured me the first time I saw it. Its flowers and hips are a bonus, always appreciated for their color and delicate … read more

Get The Dirt - Carpenter Bees

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Carpenter Bees • Winter Veggies • Blackberry Control...

Carpenter Bees Recently at breakfast, I overheard someone talking about carpenter bees. Most people have heard about carpenter ants but carpenter bees were a new one to know. This person had inherited a deck that had been built with old, untreated and unpainted … read more


Cistus, inside and outside of a fence

Gardening Happily with Hungry Wildlife

I expect you’ve heard that the only way to protect your plants from hungry deer is a good fence. The deer in my neighborhood illustrate this point perfectly. Before I built my current fence, I kept my treasured deer “candy” covered in black … read more

A summer bloomer, tansy ragwort can be anywhere from one to six feet tall. Ingesting this biennial weed can cause irreparable liver damage. (Photo courtesy Kitsap Noxious Weed Control)
Know Thy Enemy

Outsmarting Your Garden Nemesis

Weeds are not altogether undesirable plants. “Heresy!” you might say, but the term “weed” is an arbitrary designation made by a gardener who would prefer to grow another plant instead. To some people, a foxglove is a gift in an otherwise bare bed, … read more

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