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What is Eating My Plant

What is Eating My Plant?

The first land plant evolved a little over 400 million years ago. A few million years after that, the earliest known insects appeared. Then came land-dwelling slugs, amphibians, reptiles, dinosaurs, birds and mammals — all of them hungry and looking for a meal. … read more

Moss Master Plus

Moss Master Plus — Eco-Friendly Roof Cleaning and More

The sight of moss on a roof is as common in the Puget Sound region as the sight of a Starbucks coffee shop. It’s the inevitability of the wet weather and shady environment — sooner or later, you’ll likely spot those telltale green … read more

Deer De-Fence

Deer De-Fence — Protecting a Collector’s Garden

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that, upon moving to Bainbridge Island after growing up in southern California, followed by a dozen years in parched Houston, Carol Folse would become enchanted by woodland spring flowers. Folse and her husband, Parker, fell in … read more


Volunteer potatoes. On the right are the potatoes from the hugelkultur bed, on the left are ones from a standard bed.

The Mystery of ‘Potato Hollow Heart’

I love a good mystery, and the garden provides many puzzles. Sometimes I am stumped, but it sure is satisfying when the solution presents itself! Last spring, I decided to make use of some rotting pallets we had set aside. The wood was … read more


Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Fall Harvesting and Planting • Freezing Veggies •...

Fall Harvesting September and October are a time for pause and reflection and also new beginnings. It’s a time to celebrate the bounty in our gardens and to harvest and preserve fruits, vegetables and herbs for later enjoyment. If you have extra produce, … read more


Mossy rose gall

Mossy Rose Gall — A Fascinating Pest

I love plants with interesting foliage, be it the striking color, shape or fragrance. Rosa glauca, with her lovely bluish foliage, captured me the first time I saw it. Its flowers and hips are a bonus, always appreciated for their color and delicate … read more

Get The Dirt - Carpenter Bees

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Carpenter Bees • Winter Veggies • Blackberry Control...

Carpenter Bees Recently at breakfast, I overheard someone talking about carpenter bees. Most people have heard about carpenter ants but carpenter bees were a new one to know. This person had inherited a deck that had been built with old, untreated and unpainted … read more


Cistus, inside and outside of a fence

Gardening Happily with Hungry Wildlife

I expect you’ve heard that the only way to protect your plants from hungry deer is a good fence. The deer in my neighborhood illustrate this point perfectly. Before I built my current fence, I kept my treasured deer “candy” covered in black … read more

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