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Chum Salmon

Salmon in November? You Bet

Leaves falling. Crisp days and often stiff nights with much cooler air temps. It’s raining again. Moving air is no longer just a breeze but an outright wind. The sun seems to spend a few hours paralleling the horizon then dips out of … read more


Donkey Creek

Take a Peek in Donkey Creek

Each year, thousands of chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) return from feeding in the open ocean to the stream they hatched three to five years earlier. In Gig Harbor, the chum salmon migration takes place in the late fall and early winter, long after … read more


King Salmon

Delicious Results with Leftover Wild King Salmon

Fall is here. Golden and red leaves are dominating the airway and transforming the Earth with a new, patterned blanket. The once-prevailing basil is bowing now, as if to say, good performance, curtain going down. A few weeks back that basil bush was … read more

WSU Kitsap Extension

Community Education Opportunities

Lifelong Learning in the West Sound

Salmon Stewards Oct. 10, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Norm Dicks Government Center Cost: $10 Learn about salmon habitat, life cycle and species in the Puget Sound. Ecologically, traditionally and commercially important, salmon are iconic in our region and influence how we manage … read more


Bremerton's Fish Catching Fisherman Statue

Bremerton’s Fisherman Statue Warmed Its Way into People’s Hearts

There was immediate controversy. I cringed. I was told the imagery of a fisherman, costing thousands of dollars, was not made by a local artist and it would be installed a few feet from my art gallery’s front door at 4th Street and … read more

Fly Fishing With the Reel Girls (Photo courtesy Mike Canady)
On The Water

Fly Fishing With the Reel Girls

The scene at Titlow Park in Tacoma attracts a few curious glances. Eleven women are spread out across the lawn, fly rods in hand, practicing their roll casts, false casts and presentation casts. The instruction this day is provided by Judy Graham, an … read more

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