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Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Katsura tree

Glorious Fall Foliage

Every season has its golden child. Its pride and joy, the thing we celebrate above all else. Spring has her cheerful bulbs poking their heads out of the ground after a long sleep, and bright, succulent greens. Summer has the warm breezes, serious … read more



Flying Pumpkins Featured at Union PumpkinFest

The annual “PumpkinFest,” a month-long fall harvest celebration, is back in Union this month. Visitors come from far and wide to join in the activities, with a featured event designed specifically to celebrate the pumpkin — the Annual Catapult Contest — on Saturday, … read more


Car Maintenance

Car Care Tips to Get Ready for Winter

Conducting routine maintenance on your vehicle is necessary to maintain optimal performance and prevent costly repairs. As colder weather approaches, and with it the potential for treacherous road conditions, giving certain areas of your car special attention can also protect your safety. “Getting … read more

Cedar waxwing

Nature’s Bounty in the Fall — The Table is Set for the Birds

From late summer into early fall, the wild bird population reaches its highest numbers for the year. This year’s young account for the increase. The population boom coincides with nature’s fall abundance. Many birds, including this year’s young, won’t survive the winter. Their … read more

Fuchsia 'Santa Claus'

The Hardy Fuchsias of Fall

It is said that people who love fuchsias, really love them. With three generations of fuchsia lovers in my family, I was destined to fall in love with them too. I remember my grandmother’s hanging baskets overflowing with fuchsia branches smothered in blousy, … read more


Fall Yard Leaf Management

Collected Yard Debris Get New Life as Next Year’s Compost

Now that fall is upon us, I have started to notice the changing leaves on my way to and from the office. The beautiful colors of fall always bring a smile to my face, but the mess that follows from falling debris quickly … read more

Hamamelis x intermedia, witch hazel Small trees, choice in the Pacific Northwest. Shredded-cheese blossoms in yellows and bronzes appear at the end of winter and last for several weeks. Most varieties are fragrant. They take full sun or partial shade.

The Voodoo Garden — Good Help is Hard to Find

Welcome to my garden. Open the gate and step in, but mind the brambles and thorns. Careful to not crush the bleeding heart. Don’t bump the spiny eccentricity of the Solanum pyracanthum unless you like a good blood-letting. And watch the vines; they … read more


Projects to Consider Before Seasonal Changes

Projects to Consider Before Seasonal Changes

We have been blessed with a long, warm summer, but as fall (and winter) loom, it’s time to think about the home maintenance and improvements that are common for the season. Furnace Service Have a professional heating company check and service your furnace. … read more

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