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Canned Vegetables

Pressure Canning a Great Way to Preserve Your Garden Bounty

Editor’s note: This is an excerpt adapted from the book “Modern Pressure Canning,” recently released by Quarto Publishing Group USA Inc. The glass clinks gently in the hot, soapy water as I wash my jars for this year’s canning. Sitting on the counter … read more


Orange Butter Sponge Cake

Put a Twist on Savory Summer Entertaining… with Bitters

Flavorful foods and cold drinks are the focal points of just about any summer gathering. Create a party atmosphere that can stand out by adding a bit of island infusion to both bites and beverages so your warm-weather soiree can soar to new … read more

The Chef’s Favorites

What are your favorite restaurants? We asked eight...

Joe Benish Chef, Manor House Restaurant Pleasant Beach Village, Bainbridge Island On your nights off, do you stay in? If so, do you cook, does someone else in the family cook or do you go out? On my nights off, I sleep! What … read more


Turkey Curry
In the Market Now

Warming Winter Curry

There are as many different kinds of curries as there are cooks who prepare them. Once the basic sauce is prepared, nearly any combination of vegetables can be combined, meat added if desired, and a nutritious and delicious meal can be on the … read more

The Sip

Do Chocolate and Wine Truly Make a Great Match?

When January arrives, some people are clearing out their pantry and eradicating the last of the Christmas cookies and sweet treats, but others are already looking ahead to the next holiday that wouldn’t be what it is without chocolate: Valentine’s Day. Out of … read more

Canal Cookout

Canal Cookout an Adventure Outside the (Culinary) Box

Named by Forbes Traveler magazine one of the “prettiest towns” in America, Union appeals to summer vacationers and visitors alike. The breathtaking views, natural beauty, slow pace and recreational activities more than compensate for the off-the-beaten-path destination. But Lisa Leggett sees more than … read more

Have fun with a message to your guests on a blackboard.

Tips for Your Next Plein-Air Dining Party

Plein-air: adj. From the French en plein air...

When you live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, you learn to take full advantage of the often-fleeting warm summer days — and nights — including outdoor dining as often as possible. En- plein-air dining is easy and fun, and you don’t need to … read more


Bacon Cheeseburgers with Kentucky Bourbon Sauce

Start the Grilling Season Right with these Bacon Cheeseburgers

According to New York Times best-selling cookbook author Jamie Purviance, one of the top trends in barbecue today is a movement toward more individual expression. “It used to be that barbecue styles were determined by regions, but in our internet-connect, melting-pot nation, those … read more

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