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Luxe Petite

Luxe Petite — A Lot of Luxury Packed into One Little Home

It started as a dare of sorts. A joke. A thought exercise, really. Joe and Judy Gates, owners of Joe Gates Construction of Poulsbo, were daydreaming. What if they built themselves a new home from the ground up? What would it look like? … read more


The Baths Have It

Thinking of building or remodeling? Now is the time to make that dream bathroom a reality. You have many choices and options, bringing luxuries and new innovation to a room in your home. Sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, cabinets, lighting, flooring and more — … read more

Sophisticated Farmhouse

A Sophisticated Farmhouse

This sleek, contemporary farmhouse challenges ideas of home and takes one on a journey of discovery. The owners are as unusual as their custom home — a corporate couple who traveled the world for business and pleasure and lived in several countries. Their … read more



Greener by Nature: The Sustainable Advantages of Redwood

Homeowners today embrace sustainable choices for their homes as a matter of fact. What was pigeonholed as a privileged choice even a decade ago has grown more accessible, both in terms of price and availability. What many people may not realize is that … read more

Outdoor Remodeling

Outdoor Remodeling — More than Just a Barbecue

How to Plan and Execute an Outdoor Remodel

For many Pacific Northwest residents, cooking and entertaining outdoors is comfortable and feasible for much of the year. Sitting around a fire-pit in late October with friends is one of the greatest pleasures of fall — and who doesn’t love a barbecue turkey … read more


Remodeling Safety

Planning for Safety in Your Remodeling Project

It’s exciting to think about a remodeling project and all the fun things you will do. And while safety is not something that most people would say is unimportant, you’d be surprised at how many ways safety can become an issue. A first … read more

Small, rustic cabin house
Living Small in an Oversized World

Would You Like to Live in a ‘Tiny House’?

From the Wall Street Journal to cable television hit shows, “tiny homes” are a very hot topic — and for very good reasons. However, the interest in tiny homes far outpaces the current supply of these homes. A loose definition of a tiny … read more

First-class Décor

Home Elevates Secondhand Acquisitions to First-class Décor

Cynthia VanBuskirk of Bainbridge Island knows that when it comes to decorating a home, objects that deserve a second chance can create an impeccable first impression. For the past 10 years, VanBuskirk has haunted thrift shops and tag sales in an ongoing treasure … read more

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