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Microbead Product Ban

Facing the Plastic — Why the Federal Government is Banning Microbeads

If you have ever used an exfoliating body wash or facial scrub from a major manufacturer, chances are you’ve used a product containing microbeads. While these tiny particles may be good for removing dead skin, they are bad news for the environment. Beginning … read more


Made from Scratch Life

Making Your Own (Simple) Household Cleaners from Scratch

Many of today’s cleaning products, from what we use to clean our homes to our bodies, contain dangerous chemicals. We shouldn’t have to worry about what we’re using to clean things as much as the items we’re cleaning. The pioneers didn’t have aisles … read more



How to Help Keep Our Streets Litter-Free

About half the litter along Kitsap County roadsides is “intentional” litter, meaning that it was the intent of the litterer to litter. The other half of the remaining litter is the result of passive or “unintentional” littering. Unsecured/undersecured vehicle loads, windblown debris from … read more


Melissa Michaels

Five Steps to a Simple Home

Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from “Make Room for What You Love,” the latest book just released from Seattle author Melissa Michaels, the creator of the popular blog The Inspired Room. 1. Avoid temptation. When you can, don’t go to places that … read more

Feeling Disorganized
Feeling Disorganized?

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Stuff

The more stuff you have, the more stress you have, period. This is true not only for those on television shows who need teams of people to dig them out of piles of their accumulated personal effects, but for all of us. This … read more



Proper Care Helps Driveways Look Like New, Boosts Curb Appeal

Our driveways get a lot of use and not much attention. You maintain your yard and home, but when was the last time you showed your driveway some love? A few simple maintenance tips will keep this part of your home in top … read more


House Cleaning

Are Your Spring Cleaning Products Safe?

Do you know what ingredients are in the cleaning products you buy? Probably not, as there are no federal governmental regulations requiring companies to disclose their contents. But harsh chemicals can take their toll on the indoor air quality of your home, are … read more

Common household ingredients

Herbal Housekeeping

Clean your home with the power of herbs. Whether you choose to use fewer chemicals in your home or want to be eco-friendly and avoid toxins, you can use many common herbs from your garden for cleansing and antiseptic qualities. In history, numerous … read more

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