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5 Easy Ways to Safeguard Kids’ Tech Devices from Predators

Summer vacation is almost here — which means kids are going to be looking for new ways to fill their time with entertainments. Mobile devices and computers are no doubt at the top of their lists. But before you let your kids loose … read more

Chris Clark: COTN International President, Founder and CEO • Debbie Clark: COTN Senior Director of International Programs

Unsung Heroes — Chris and Debbie Clark

Children of the Nations (COTN)

Chris and Debbie Clark founded Children of the Nations (COTN) in 1995. A fifth-generation missionary born in Japan and raised in Liberia and the United States, Chris had worked for Youth for Christ for 10 years. Debbie, who grew up in Edmonds, worked … read more

Christmas Fun

10 Tips for Creating Christmas Fun with Kids

For children all ages, there’s no more magical time of year than Christmas. There are twinkling trees, glistening snowflakes (maybe), flying reindeer, tree decorating, favorite Christmas music and baked cookies that make the whole house smell like a childhood memory. And don’t forget … read more


The Benefits of Gardening with Children

Slow down. Feel the sun on your face. Feel the softness of the earth between your fingers. Bury your hand in the soil — perhaps you will find a spud, ready for supper tonight. Perhaps you’ll find a tunnel and follow it along … read more

Summer Learning

Ideas for Parents for Promoting Children’s Summer Learning

“Summer time and the living is easy” — but parents shouldn’t make it too easy for their children to forget everything they’ve learned up to vacation time. Schooling stops during the summer but our learning should not. Many children tend to regress in … read more


Kids In The Kitchen

Kids and Kitchens: A Healthy Mix

It’s that time of year when farmers markets are in full swing, offering up a full complement of healthy, locally grown foods. Are you getting your recommended daily allowance of nutrients? What about your kids? Instilling good eating habits in our children is … read more

Raised planters the size of twin beds are fun personalized spaces for garden experimentation.

Cultivate Your Child’s Love for Gardening

Allowing a bit of creative autonomy is the key to encouraging children to spend time in the garden. Children can be reluctant to try something new, afraid of doing something wrong or making a mess. With their own space to experiment, putter and … read more

Kids' Gardening

Kids’ Gardening

What can you do with kids to maintain their interest in gardening during the monsoon months of spring? Try planting some indoor and outdoor small gardens in containers. Then spend some cozy time inside reading a few good gardening books for families and … read more

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