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Empty Bowls Fight Hunger

Empty Bowls Fight Hunger one Child at a Time

One Saturday each February, excitement builds as the line outside the Gig Harbor Boys & Girls Club lengthens and eager shoppers wait for the doors to finally open. At 11 a.m. sharp, the anxious crowd floods into the room and patrons scurry between … read more



Trick-or-Treat for a New Kind of Thrill

For most kids, Halloween is all about costumes and candy, but it can also be a chance to demonstrate how helping others brings its own set of rewards. This October, children, families and schools across the country will join in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, … read more


Tips on How to Successfully Read to Your Child

Five Tips on How to Successfully Read to Your Child

Reading has the enduring power to shape and develop minds, both in the home and classroom. The urgency to make the teaching of reading as effective and enjoying as possible should always be reinforced at home. The goal must be to show every … read more


Children Helping Kitchen

5 Ways to Get Your Kids in the Kitchen (But Not Get in Your Way)

My three kids spend so much time with me in the kitchen. Daily, we chop, we mix, we bake, we stir, we do life together around our island and over food. At this point, they are trained professionals when it comes to helping … read more


protect children

5 Easy Ways to Safeguard Kids’ Tech Devices from Predators

Summer vacation is almost here — which means kids are going to be looking for new ways to fill their time with entertainments. Mobile devices and computers are no doubt at the top of their lists. But before you let your kids loose … read more

Chris Clark: COTN International President, Founder and CEO • Debbie Clark: COTN Senior Director of International Programs

Unsung Heroes — Chris and Debbie Clark

Children of the Nations (COTN)

Chris and Debbie Clark founded Children of the Nations (COTN) in 1995. A fifth-generation missionary born in Japan and raised in Liberia and the United States, Chris had worked for Youth for Christ for 10 years. Debbie, who grew up in Edmonds, worked … read more

Christmas Fun

10 Tips for Creating Christmas Fun with Kids

For children all ages, there’s no more magical time of year than Christmas. There are twinkling trees, glistening snowflakes (maybe), flying reindeer, tree decorating, favorite Christmas music and baked cookies that make the whole house smell like a childhood memory. And don’t forget … read more


The Benefits of Gardening with Children

Slow down. Feel the sun on your face. Feel the softness of the earth between your fingers. Bury your hand in the soil — perhaps you will find a spud, ready for supper tonight. Perhaps you’ll find a tunnel and follow it along … read more

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