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Art of Decoupage

Bremerton Artist ‘Elevates’ old Art of Decoupage

At the height of her career as a world-renowned miniaturist, Brooke Tucker traveled constantly around the country and the world to teach classes. In between, she spent as many as 17 hours in her studio, creating scale-model rooms that have earned her the … read more


Earth Day

Things to Do Around West Sound in April to Celebrate Earth Day

If you lead an environmentally conscious lifestyle, every day is as good as any to celebrate our planet. But Earth Day is especially meaningful because it’s an occasion to celebrate Mother Earth as well as spread awareness. Did you know that Earth Day … read more

Best of West Sound 2017

Best of West Sound Results 2017

WestSound Home & Garden magazine is excited to present the annual Best of West Sound results — from Bainbridge Island all the way to Gig Harbor, we’ve found the businesses and places you love. Enjoy! Best Restaurant La Fermata 2205 East 11th Street, … read more

(Photo courtesy Jenny Loftus)

Community Gardens and P-Patches in West Sound

Washington state is an amazing place, and not simply because of its immeasurable beauty. The Master Gardener program saw its birth here, training volunteers who are passionate about gardening to offer science-based answers to community members’ gardening questions. This program has spread throughout … read more

Nightshade Manette

Nightshade Manette

Succulent Cuisine that's Good for the Planet

Can’t everyone just get along? At Nightshade Manette in East Bremerton, vegetarians and omnivores can. Nightshade is the most recent delicious result of the partnership between married couple Kimberley Campbell and Erik Kleiva. Campbell and Kleiva have owned and operated the popular Port … read more

Bremerton Creative Center
Changing Times

Bremerton’s Creative Center

No one can deny that Bremerton has been in a slow takeoff, with attempt after attempt to revive, modernize and bring back the spicy little city that once was. Of course, we know that will never happen, for that which was is now … read more

Tides of Justitia
Art in Public Places

‘Tides of Justitia’

Familiar to anyone who drives along Burwell Avenue in Bremerton, “Tides of Justitia”is an installation in the Bremerton Police Department’s courtyard. Five roug-hewn granite spheres and a granite bench surround a metal sculpture made by artist James Kelsey, a former Port Orchard resident … read more

Polymer Clay Art - Susan Hyde in her studio where the magic takes place

Artist Interprets Color Through Polymer Clay

It’s easy to get distracted when first encountering Susan Hyde’s work. The Bremerton artist — who’s quick to say she’s really just a designer — has a signature way of creating an explosion of color in three dimensions. Your eyes may dart from … read more

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