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Snow Hummingbird Feeder

Christmas Gifts for Birdwatchers

“Happiness is a new spotting scope,” especially if you are a birdwatcher — or birder. When it comes to Christmas gifts for those interested in birds, optical gear is perfect for both beginning and experienced birders. Let your pocketbook be your guide. Excellent … read more


Song Sparrow in Autumn Plumage

How You Can Be Part of Thanksgiving Bird Count

During the month of November, one bird is in the minds of many West Sound residents. While the Thanksgiving turkey may be the Bird of the Month, other birds are getting their share of attention. They are the ones that will be counted … read more

Snow bunting

Special Winter Birds

Many birds that nested in the North use the Pacific Northwest as their “south.” Their arrival at this time of the year is a winter highlight for the birding community. Audubon chapters plan their field trip schedules so members and visitors have a … read more

Cedar waxwing

Nature’s Bounty in the Fall — The Table is Set for the Birds

From late summer into early fall, the wild bird population reaches its highest numbers for the year. This year’s young account for the increase. The population boom coincides with nature’s fall abundance. Many birds, including this year’s young, won’t survive the winter. Their … read more


Pigeon Guillemot

Pigeon Guillemot — the Whistler

There is at least one bird that really whistles. Most of the time, when you hear what sounds like a whistling bird, it is air passing through its feathers when it flies. This “whistler” is a small, black bird seen on Northwest waters … read more

Swallows of Puget Sound

The Birds of Summer — Swallows of Puget Sound and Western Washington

Poulsbo’s Fourth of July fireworks light up the sky over Liberty Bay on July 3. Thousands of watchers come to town. But not everyone enjoys the noisy and colorful display. Dozens of purple martins occupying their nesting gourds at Oyster Plant Park find … read more


Eurasian collared dove, latin name Streptopelia decaocto

Watch for Eurasian Collared-Doves Around West Sound

Eurasian collared-doves are setting some kind of a record when it comes to colonizing North America. They aren’t native to this continent but their numbers stretch from coast to coast. This bird is a native of Europe and parts of Asia. After being … read more

Mourning Doves

The Secret Love Life of Birds

Birds have almost as many strategies as people do for getting together. Avian mating styles have been a topic of recent research and ornithologists now recognize how subtle and diverse bird partnerships really are. Monogamy: The most typical type of partnership is monogamy, … read more


Yellow-rumped Warbler

Spring Surprises — Shorebirds on West Sound’s Beaches

Every spring, hundreds of thousands of shorebirds moving up the West Coast make coastal birdwatching exciting. Some of these migrants will spill onto shorelines throughout the West Sound region. The headline-making numbers flood coastal beaches and estuaries, but there will also be interesting … read more

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