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Mason Bees

All About the Mason Bee

(a.k.a. the blue bee)

Mason bees are wonderful pollinators that are native to most of North America. They have been doing a magnificent job of pollinating long before the colonists brought in the honeybees from overseas. The mason bee is not a hive-dwelling bee, therefore there is … read more

The bee’s body gets dusted with pollen as it searches for nectar.
West Sound Beekeepers Association

Learn About Bees, Beekeeping

West Sound Beekeepers Association is a longstanding group of people interested in learning about bees. The members maintain an apiary as well as educational facilities, and meet monthly at Stedman’s Bee Supplies in Silverdale. Local beekeeper Frank Wilson’s story is very similar to … read more

Garden Planning

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Garden Planning • Moles and Tunneling Critters

Time to Plan and Learn When gardens are dormant, it’s the perfect time to take a class — or two or more. Check with your favorite local nursery and the WSU Kitsap County Extension Office for upcoming opportunities. Here are just a few … read more

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