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Barbara and Dave Shoaf — Garden Paradise

Barbara and Dave Shoaf — Garden Paradise

The hillside gardens of Barbara and Dave Shoaf offer a glimpse of paradise to every visitor. When the North Kitsap couple retired from spending their lives and careers in Phoenix, Ariz., they knew exactly where they wanted to move. In fact, they had … read more

Fox Island's Nichols Center
Fox Island's Nichols Center

From Old Schoolhouse to Community Center

At just a little over 5 square miles, Fox Island is the second-most populated island on the Greater Kitsap Peninsula and ninth in the state. What many consider as a suburb of Gig Harbor is more than a bedroom community, however. Several local … read more

Blanco Quartrus double bowl sink in stainless steel
Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Plumbing Fixtures for the Kitchen

Go into a plumbing showroom or home-building store and you will be amazed by the variety of types, styles and finishes available in kitchen plumbing fixtures today. The following article is designed as a decision tree to help you make the right choices … read more

2014 Toyota Tundra 1794
2014 Toyota Tundra 1794

Unparalleled Luxury in a Tough Truck

The full-size 2014 Toyota Tundra pickup features evolutionary styling, with most of its body panels sporting a new look, while offering realistic work capability and legendary Toyota reliability and durability. There are three engine choices, three cabs, three bed sizes and five trim … read more


Jim Valley: A Life Lived in Color

Jim Valley — A Life Lived in Color

Much by his own design, Jim Valley inhabits a color-filled world. During summers on his property in the Cromwell area of Gig Harbor, for instance, he has only to look out the windows of his house to behold the rich, evolving tapestry of … read more

Mosaic Flower Pot: Materials
Sweeten The Pot

Step By Step Instructions to Make a Mosaic Planter

This project is the ideal introduction to the craft of mosaics. Making a mosaic flowerpot utilizes the skills required for a larger composition, without the risk of spending much on tools that might not be used again. And a mosaic planter doesn’t need … read more

Completed kitchen remodel
The Anatomy of a Remodel

Understanding What It Takes To Do the Job Right

Second Installment to 'How Much is that Puppy...

Studies show that the No. 1 complaint that consumers have about remodeling is not the cost but rather the time it takes to complete a project. Remodels by their very nature can be slightly unpredictable, in that you can never be 100 percent … read more


Greening The Indoors

Gardeners can still get their plant fix during the winter months. It’s a great time to explore the world of indoor houseplants. It’s also a time to purchase a few usually outdoor culinary plants to brighten up a sunny windowsill or kitchen counter. … read more

Debbie Teashon's Rainy Side Garden

Debbie Teashon’s Rainy Side Garden

Jefferson Beach photographer, writer and gardener Debbie Teashon personifies the term “rainy side gardener,” which happens also to be the name of her popular website. Teashon lived in Marysville on the east side of Puget Sound and had a successful photography career, along … read more

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