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Ground Cover

Carpeting the Garden in Living Green

A favorite look in many gardens is flagstone surrounded by a carpet of ground covers. Providing interesting textures and colors, the shortest of the short such as creeping thyme, Corsican mint, Irish and Scotch moss, and others cover the soil as they crawl … read more

The Waypoint on Bainbridge Island
Local Projects

The Waypoint on Bainbridge Island

Welcome to a series of articles we will write on unique, innovative and creative park and public space projects in West Puget Sound that contribute to our community in terms of quality of life. We hope to identify the community leadership, the project’s … read more

Keyport Mercantile

A Perk of the Merc — A Century of Coming Together

For more than a hundred years, the Keyport Mercantile has stood as the heart and soul of its community. Affectionately known as “the Merc,” the business has ridden out the rise and fall in the fortunes of its hometown alongside the people it … read more

2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Still Among the Best

Although not much changed between the 2014 and 2015 model years, I still think the family-friendly 2015 Toyota Highlander is among the absolute best vehicles in this market space. It gets impressive mileage for a midsize crossover SUV — a combined 28 city/highway, … read more


Western hawthorn, Crataegus douglasii, is one of the many plants named after David Douglas.

Scientific Names of Plants Demystified

My father, Dean Kelley, was a pharmaceutical representative for a drug company. When he retired, he volunteered his time as a Master Gardener in Pierce County. One time he was complaining to me that the scientific names of plants were hard to learn. … read more

Fairway Living

Canterwood Home Remodeled To Fit Owners’ Lifestyle

There is no shortage of luxurious homes in Canterwood, the exclusive, gated community in Gig Harbor. The home of interior designer Nancy Finneson’s clients is no different. Fronted by a driveway that curves gracefully between well-manicured greenery, the home’s front porch stretches up … read more

Jars of herbs lavender

Herbal Stillroom Revival

Gardens in early American colonies were not for ornamentation; they were planted and worked for provision. Specific plants were grown to provide food, soaps, perfumes, insecticides, dyes and medicines — all the things needed to take care of everyday life in the home. … read more

All About Showers

All About Showers

From basic hygiene to a spa-like escape, showers fulfill different needs for different people. Most don’t give a second thought about what goes into creating one of the most used features of the home nor how the design and maintenance of this simple … read more

Tulipa 'Ballade Dream'

Too Many Bulbs — Not Enough Time

No project ever seems to be without a glitch, and for me fall bulb-planting season is filled with a series of glitches and hurdles in a race against time. Yet at the end of summer, I am ready to face the season of … read more

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