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The Cushman Powerline Trail

20 Ways to Enjoy Nature Around West Sound with Kids

School is out — which means kids will be looking for things to do. A great thing about living in West Sound is that there are a number of ways to enjoy summer vacation close to home, and most of them are free. … read more


Planting Lilies for Continuous Bloom

Sometimes overlooked when planning the West Sound garden, lilies make great perennial accent points during their season of bloom. This area has a few commercial growing fields and sources for bulbs, but no plant clubs in the immediate area. Lilies are very popular … read more

Herron Hill Goat Dairy

Herron Hill Dairy — Goats, Cheese and Family Fun

The wooden sign on the side of Herron Hill Road — “Chevre” — points toward a meandering drive that disappears over the top of a low hill. Horses graze placidly in a pasture on one side of the drive, paying no mind to … read more

Remodeling Checklist
Remodeling Checklist

How to Hire the Best Professionals for Your Project

The winter holidays often have a way of highlighting the need for a remodel. Cramped kitchens with failing appliances, bathrooms with leaky taps and no storage for guests’ toiletry bags, front entries with no room for guests’ cast-off shoes — the list goes … read more

Hardy garden mums — these mums bloom in mounds from August through October. They are a favorite for cut flowers and display.

Garden Chrysanthemums — Colorful Hardy Flowers

Fall is the time of year when chrysanthemums appear in nurseries and garden centers. Gardeners may see them through the winter months too. Chrysanthemums originated in China and have been the national flower of Japan since 910 A.D. but have only been cultivated … read more


ChocMo — An Ever-Evolving Bistro

Poulsbo’s ChocMo is a business that never stands still. From its original beginnings as a tiny chocolate shop, it has evolved into a full-fledged restaurant that continues to surprise. Case in point: A new lunch menu being introduced this fall that takes the … read more


Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Fall Harvesting and Planting • Freezing Veggies •...

Fall Harvesting September and October are a time for pause and reflection and also new beginnings. It’s a time to celebrate the bounty in our gardens and to harvest and preserve fruits, vegetables and herbs for later enjoyment. If you have extra produce, … read more

Seventies Coffee Cups

Seventies Coffee Cups

Dime a dozen, can’t throw them away fast enough — mid-century coffee cups sprout up faster than spring field daisies. Or so I thought. It is night and day. Seems like a month ago they flooded thrift stores, and antique shops wouldn’t waste … read more

A Warm and Inviting Outdoor Space

A Warm and Inviting Outdoor Space

Smoke rising from the chimney of the outdoor fireplace is often an unspoken invitation. “The big signal is when we light a fire in the afternoon and smoke curls out of the chimney — the neighbors usually know,” Donna McKamey says. “And pretty … read more

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