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Spirit of Horse Gallery

A Visit to SkyeLandeSea Farm is an Immersion in Magic

To visit Spirit of Horse Gallery at SkyeLandeSea Farm is to immerse yourself in artful magic. It is a result not only of planning but also of minds open to serendipitous revelations. A pair of ancient, carved Tibetan temple lions acknowledge your arrival. … read more

Table Runners

Table Runners

Table runners — what an unexpected journey. In our wildest dreams of dreams, there are things we never think of, not in a million years. The most commonly overlooked items are often those we see every day yet never really notice, or those … read more

Paris fargesii

Best Plants of the Year Awards in 2016

All of our garden plants are winding down for the year, yet the joy of each season’s garden still plays out in gardeners’ minds as winter sets in. Ask yourself what plants had an outstanding performance in the garden this year. What gave … read more

Bay Street Bistro

Bay Street Bistro — Fine Dining with a Side of Casual

Just on a lark one night, Southworth resident Deanna Miller searched online for the term “fine dining, Port Orchard.” After a week and some change on the road for his travel products company, her husband, Brady, wanted a nice evening out with his … read more

Plant Your Fall and Winter Garden

Time to Plant Your Fall and Winter Garden

Just when the summer drought begins and the early garden is being harvested, it is time to begin thinking about continuing the planting for harvest into fall and winter. If you wait too late in the year, new seedlings will not germinate but … read more

Olalla Bluegrass

Olalla Bluegrass & Beyond Festival Turns 25

Every August since 1991, Olalla has brought together people of all ages from throughout West Sound — and as far away as Texas, Virginia and even Europe — to “Kick the City Off Their Shoes” at the Olalla Bluegrass & Beyond Festival. This … read more

A Little Piece of Heaven on Bainbridge Island

A Little Piece of Heaven on Bainbridge Island

Liz and Gordon Evans had a dream — retire and move from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Bainbridge Island. Simple, right? But, when you live half a continent away, a collaborator who hears your dream and makes it her own is a necessary asset. In … read more

Les & Betty Krueger Family Healing Garden

The Les & Betty Krueger Family Healing Garden at Harrison

"I go to nature to be soothed and...

When you go out to dig in your garden, take a stroll in the neighborhood park or simply sit on a bench under a shady tree, do you achieve a unique sense of calm? Chances are you do, perhaps without even recognizing the … read more

Midcentury Enamelware

Midcentury Enamelware

As wanted as pigs in a sunflower field, as fleeting as floaters from a dandelion puff and as obsolete as the weekly milk delivery, midcentury enamelware kitchen items have more or less vanished from today’s scene — except for decorative candy tins that … read more

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