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Snowdrops (Galanthus ssp.)

Scents and Sensibilities of the Fragrant Winter Garden

“If our sense of smell is sluggish … we shall have missed more than half the ecstasy. We shall have missed, for instance, that winter day in January or February when we step out of the door and suddenly smell the spring.” ~ … read more


Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes
Smart Start

Breakfast Recipes for a Healthy New Year

A commitment to health and wellness means taking care of yourself and your family, exercising and eating right. The New Year is the perfect time to refocus your goals and make better health a priority. A nutrient-rich breakfast can set you up for … read more

Outdoor Remodeling

Outdoor Remodeling — More than Just a Barbecue

How to Plan and Execute an Outdoor Remodel

For many Pacific Northwest residents, cooking and entertaining outdoors is comfortable and feasible for much of the year. Sitting around a fire-pit in late October with friends is one of the greatest pleasures of fall — and who doesn’t love a barbecue turkey … read more

F.R.O.G. Soap
F.R.O.G. Soap

Good for Body and for Planet — Clean and Green

There isn’t much that Laura Kneib can’t make by hand. Clothes. Butter. Wood boxes. Pottery. Growing up in a family that made anything from their own clothes to herbal remedies has taught her two things: You make everything you use, and then you … read more

Clematis behind rose

Clematis — the Perfect Companion Plant

Do you have a problem structure in your garden? Perhaps there is an ugly shed or very functional fence calling for a color pop on your property? Clematis could be the answer to your design needs. They are available in many colors and … read more

Water Gardening Part 3
Water Gardening Part 3

Maintaining Ponds and Water Features

Jan Bahr, who is a pond-plants expert at Roadhouse Nursery, says that outdoor pond maintenance is somewhat similar to keeping an aquarium. In maintaining an aquarium that houses fish and plants, the key element is the pump and filtering system. Fish and plants … read more



Blue is a monster — arrogant and selfish, a color that wants to call the shots and pull the trigger. It can suck the air from a room one moment and bring in the light the next. The ever-present hue can confidently stand … read more



Never Run Out of Ingredients by Stocking Your Pantry Right

Have you ever noticed when you run to the store for one particular item you usually end up grabbing a few more items than you intended? I’ve found by keeping a good stock of staple items I can make many different dishes from … read more

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