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Gig Harbor Garden Tour

A Personal Retrospective on the Gig Harbor Garden Tour

This year, the Gig Harbor Garden Tour is celebrating its 20th anniversary. During the years of my involvement with this event, I have met many generous gardeners as well as volunteers who have dedicated many hours to the tour’s success. On one of … read more

Northwest Maritime Center

Community Creates World-Class Facility — Northwest Maritime Center

Port Townsend is a small city, with a population around 10,000. Founded in 1851 on the water of Puget Sound in Jefferson County, it has an energy found in very few other cities in the state. The city has always been known for … read more

Kitsap Dog Parks

Dog Parks — A Valuable Part of Local Communities

Throughout the Kitsap Peninsula, pet owners are blessed with an array of dog parks where they can take their dogs to exercise and socialize. If your dog lacks a fenced yard or other place to run safely, dog parks can be great venues … read more

Christmas at the Deckers

Christmas at the Deckers

How do they keep track of all the...

Lana Decker’s love of Christmas began when she was in high school. Over the years, she’s amassed quite a large collection of ornaments, santas, trees… so much so, that the collections have taken over the Deckers’ three-car garage. At last count, she had … read more



12 DIY Gift Baskets You Can Make for Less Than $45 a Piece

As the holidays approach, people are beginning to think about gifts to give their family, friends and colleagues. This year, as you make your list and check it twice, consider giving gift baskets that you put together yourself. DIY gift baskets are fun … read more


Cranberries at the market
In the Market Now


(More than You Ever Wanted to Know)

Cranberries have been a staple on Thanksgiving tables in the United States since the Pilgrims first feasted with the Wampanoag in 1621. The native populations had been using the wild cranberry Vaccinium macrocarpos throughout their history. It is believed they used the fruit … read more


In the Market Now


Of all the delicious fruits grown in the Northwest, pears may be the most versatile, succulent and satisfying of all. Pears transcend summer into fall, ripening late summer to early autumn, depending on variety and weather conditions. This beautiful fruit lends itself to … read more


Iris (white) and lupine (blue)
Gardening With Peg

Native Plants for West Sound Gardens

Native plants are the perfect complements for West Sound gardens. They are easy care, once established, and many of our “domesticated” or “cultivated” plants once had native roots. Also look for native plants that survive well in British Columbia, Oregon and perhaps Northern … read more

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