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Butterfly bush

What West Sound Landowners Need to Know About Noxious Weeds

As a gardener and homeowner, I consider myself a steward of the environment, and with that comes the responsibility of choosing plants for my home landscape that are not invasive or noxious. Noxious weeds are non-native plants that were introduced in the State … read more

All colors referenced are included in the PANTONE FASHION + HOME color system. Consult current PANTONE color publications for accurate color.
Color/Design at a Crossroads

Pantone View home + interiors 2017: Finding the Most Directional Trends

When design decisions are being made, the question inevitably arises about the right color direction to take. What path will make you feel more comfortable in your home environment? The answer is in assessing your aspirations and lifestyle needs and using invigorated color/design … read more


Cute Trinket Box
Weekend Projects

Make a Cute Trinket Box from an Altoids Tin

Now that we are in the heart of the rainy season in West Sound, people are spending much of their spare time indoors making crafts. Making trinket boxes from Altoids tins is one craft that is becoming popular on Pinterest. The tins are … read more


In the Market Now

Mincemeat Fixin’s

It’s cold and wet; snow covers the deck and the sidewalks. Nothing warms the home and heart more than turning on the oven and baking something fragrant, spicy and tasty. The holidays are coming and a traditional delight for me is mincemeat. No, … read more

Japanese American Exclusion Memorial

The Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial

Located on Bainbridge Island, not far from Winslow Way downtown, is a memorial site that reminds us of a dark day in American history and also honors those who endured years of suffering. The site is called the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion … read more

David Shurick — Detective, Poulsbo Police Department

Unsung Hero — David Shurick

David Shurick, a Poulsbo Police Department officer for 15 years, is credited with the launch of Kitsap County’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). The team, which today has 33 crisis intervention officers, receives special training to help minimize the use of force in crisis … read more



Enjoying a Year-Round Edible Landscape

The garden is changing every day this time of year. Plants respond quickly to warming temperatures, the soil is still moist from frequent spring showers. The chores pile up quickly, tugging at us from every garden corner and flowerbed. At times like these, … read more

Orange-crowned warbler bathing (Photo courtesy Richard Perkins)

Name that Warbler — Heralding the Arrival of Spring

Warbler watching in West Sound country can’t compete with what the eastern portion of North America enjoys, but we do have several special warbler species. Not only do warblers move into the Northwest with spring’s arrival, some have been brightening the winter landscape. … read more


Josephine’s Redeemed Revival

Spring Vintage Event Inspired by Grandmother’s Memory

Josephine's Redeemed Festival to feature vendors from around...

On March 4 and 5, Kitsap County Fairgrounds will be filled with more than 60 vendors selling new and vintage wares at Josephine’s Redeemed Festival. Hosted by Josephine’s Redeemed Boutique, the event, in a way, is a tribute to owner Samantha Smith’s grandmother. … read more

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