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Josephine’s Redeemed Revival

Spring Vintage Event Inspired by Grandmother’s Memory

Josephine's Redeemed Festival to feature vendors from around...

On March 4 and 5, Kitsap County Fairgrounds will be filled with more than 60 vendors selling new and vintage wares at Josephine’s Redeemed Festival. Hosted by Josephine’s Redeemed Boutique, the event, in a way, is a tribute to owner Samantha Smith’s grandmother. … read more


Matisse wallpaper (Photo by Juris Zommers)

Design Basics, Part 2: Walls and Ceilings

(An incomplete list of choices to be made...

Navigating interior design options is challenging. Where do you start when so many options are available? Here are some basic tips for your walls and ceilings. Read part 1 of this article to learn about floors. Walls: Paint Most manufacturers have reformulated their … read more


Roadhouse Nursery
Gardening With Peg

Water Gardening in Containers

Jan Bahr from Roadhouse Nursery on Central Valley Road recently showed us how to create water gardens in containers. You don’t need a huge piece of land or large construction equipment to enjoy a water garden feature. Smaller water gardens can be created … read more


Hard Apple Cider Tart

Two Autumn Recipes You’ll Love to Bake

As the seasons shift from summer to fall, you can begin looking forward to warm flavors and fresh inspiration. Below are two recipes from the Wilton Test Kitchen, which created new takes on favorite comfort foods inspired by the 2015 Baking and Decorating … read more

The Wine Cabinet

The Wine Cabinet — Sparkling Wines

There are a wide variety of sparkling wines made throughout the world. Lets first establish the idea of champagne vs. sparkling wine. Sparkling wine can only be called champagne if it comes from the region of Champagne, which is just outside of Paris. … read more

Swallows of Puget Sound

The Birds of Summer — Swallows of Puget Sound and Western Washington

Poulsbo’s Fourth of July fireworks light up the sky over Liberty Bay on July 3. Thousands of watchers come to town. But not everyone enjoys the noisy and colorful display. Dozens of purple martins occupying their nesting gourds at Oyster Plant Park find … read more

Author, Molly Gilbert

Greens & Eggs & Ham

Cleanup is probably the least enjoyable part of entertaining guests — as are elaborate recipes that keep you in the kitchen all day. “Sheet Pan Suppers,” released this past December by Workman Publishing, promises to take care of those problems. Named an essential … read more

Mason Bees

All About the Mason Bee

(a.k.a. the blue bee)

Mason bees are wonderful pollinators that are native to most of North America. They have been doing a magnificent job of pollinating long before the colonists brought in the honeybees from overseas. The mason bee is not a hive-dwelling bee, therefore there is … read more

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