Completed kitchen remodel
The Anatomy of a Remodel

Understanding What It Takes To Do the Job Right

Second Installment to 'How Much is that Puppy...

Studies show that the No. 1 complaint that consumers have about remodeling is not the cost but rather the time it takes to complete a project. Remodels by their very nature can be slightly unpredictable, in that you can never be 100 percent … read more


A retractable, flush-mount range hood made by Imperial Kitchen

Clearing the Air Regarding Fans: How to Ensure Yours Works Properly

Most homeowners have a hate-hate relationship with their exhaust fans, be it the one in the bathroom or the one in the kitchen, and as a result they are seldom used. Exhaust fans are designed to remove moisture, grease and particulates from your … read more


A fly angler prepares to release a one of Puget Sound's treasures: a wild sea run cutthroat.

Fly Fishing Has Broad Allure, Is Easy to Learn

Upcoming free seminar can help you determine if...

With perhaps only the exception of blue-water, big-game fishing, no other method of angling is as steeped in mystique as fly fishing. The allure of fly fishing is vast and varied. Some folks are drawn to the almost-meditative qualities of fly-casting, which can … read more

One type of green manure, clover

Mulches — Ideas for choosing the best for your garden

Late fall and winter are often good times to mulch as long as soils are not soggy and saturated. Just think of applying mulch as a way to warm yourself up on a much too chilly day. But what kind of mulch works … read more


When Buying a 'Flip' Can Be a 'Flop'

When Buying a ‘Flip’ Can Be a ‘Flop’

If you have been looking at a new home, you may have felt like you were in an episode of House Hunters. Outdated wallpaper, horrible shag carpet, kitchens and baths out of the 1950s. You might feel ready to give up. But then, … read more


Ford Police Interceptors

Ford Claims Bigger Share of Police Vehicle Market

In just two years, Ford has revolutionized the police-vehicle market by equipping much of its Police Interceptor lineup with standard all-wheel drive, which works full-time for greater mobility and security; adding more fuel-efficient EcoBoost engines; and introducing two new body styles — including … read more

Community Education Opportunities — Lifelong Learning in the West Sound
WSU Kitsap Extension

Community Education Opportunities

Lifelong Learning in the West Sound

Master Gardener Program Free Children’s Gardening Activities School’s out! Are you looking for something fun and free for the kids? The WSU Kitsap Master Gardeners are offering children’s gardening activities in two of our demonstration gardens this summer — plant, water, harvest and … read more


How to Turn Your Yard Waste into Resources

How to Turn Your Yard Waste into Resources

If you are like me, this time of year brings a bit of (late) spring cleaning, coupled with hours of work getting your yard and garden back into shape. Unfortunately, the price we pay to live in such a lush and beautiful place … read more

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