Skansie House, Visitor Information Center

Gig Harbor Opens Brand New Visitor Center in Historic Waterfront Home

In 2002, following the death of Gig Harbor pioneers Antone and Vincent Skansie, the city of Gig Harbor acquired the historic waterfront Skansie Brothers home and property located in the heart of downtown. For 12 years, the park surrounding the house was improved … read more



Like trying to capture wind to put in a mason jar or finding that the cake baked and rose higher than expected — that’s purple. “Go, Huskies!” the man shouted while wearing a bright-purple sweatshirt and an equally vibrant UW monogrammed baseball cap. … read more


A space that may normally be unused became a cozy reading nook in this client home.

How to Use Space Creatively in Your Home

Whether you need more space in your existing home or you have an odd space that is unused, look at some creative options for using space in your home. Have kids? If you have a stairwell, turn that useless under-stairwell closet (you know, … read more


Late summer border bloomers, upright sedum and Japanese Anemone

A Few Tasks for the Dog Days of a Summer Garden

As you stroll through the garden in the heat of the day, plants don’t seem to have that oomph they had in the spring. Some say it’s just too hot to garden and are waiting for fall planting time to even think about … read more

'Major' kaffir lily complemented by 'Pink Panther' Phormium and autumn leaves of oakleaf Hydrangea
Unusual Perennials for Cutting

Flower Power

Fresh floral arrangements make a statement. Whether composed of a single, stunning blossom or multihued, full and brimming with petals, a bouquet says that you care about the details and flourishes that make a house a home. And to guests, flowers are a … read more


Look Up and Take Advantage of Unused Spaces

Look Up and Take Advantage of Unused Spaces for Home Décor

Don’t forget to look up. There are spaces that we never knew existed. There are ledges and ceiling corners that call our names and are saddened to be unnoticed voids. In this day and age, interior living space is at a premium for … read more


The Chair

Chair or stool: a seat with legs, for one person. A chair can be like a friend, there when needed. Or a chair may be like a familiar song that evokes a memory. But too often those oddball chairs and stools are discarded … read more


Fresh Pizza Ingredients

The Secret to Homemade Pizza: Pizza Stones

Pizza stones are required equipment for the best homemade thin-crust pizza. There, I said it! I could beat around the bush and say that you can get the same results with a pan in the oven, but I would be lying. It doesn’t … read more

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