New Life… for an Old Art

Gig Harbor wool-rug braider renews the tradition of...

When Donna McKeever stumbled upon a rug-braiding class about two decades ago, she fell in love with this nearly lost art. Not only did she find her creative outlet, she wanted to inspire others to pursue it as well. “It’s a very simple … read more


Use Nature as Inspiration for Pruning

Use Nature as Inspiration for Pruning

I hope you’ve had many opportunities to get out into some of our wilderness areas to experience nature untouched by human hands. Did you marvel, as I have, at the overwhelming beauty of these natural landscapes? Nature is a very gifted designer and … read more

Much Ado About Countertops

Much Ado About Countertops

Tips on selecting the best countertop for your...

Countertops are the workhorse of both the kitchen and the bathroom. They perform a myriad of tasks including food preparation, writing surface for bill paying and homework, buffet serving space, supporting small appliances, facilitating daily hygiene routines and more. They are subjected to … read more

Great Rooms

Your Great Room — Six Beautiful Ways to Create Zones That All Go Together

The trick to designing a beautiful great room...

Most of us love a great room. It’s a latter-day architectural concept that suits a casual lifestyle and allows everyone to talk to the cook and help out with dinner. Perfect for the casual living of the 21st century. Here are some easy … read more


Hiking at Mount Rainier provides spectacular views and wildlife watching opportunities.
Trail Basics — Part 2

5 Tips for Safe Trail Use

It’s no secret (or surprise) that more and more people are heading to the trails for their regular exercise, whether walking/hiking or running. Last month, we talked about basic tips that will make your trail experience more enjoyable and safe. In part 2, … read more

The Captured Garden

The Captured Garden

In the summer of 1829, Dr. Nathaniel Ward placed the chrysalis of an adult sphinx moth in an enclosed glass container so he could observe the moth’s emergence. The soil he placed in the container sprouted seeds and spores, as natural soils will … read more


Gardening With Peg

Plants for Year-Round Interest

When selecting plants for landscaping, you’ll find several types for extending interest in the garden for more than three seasons. Roses, hydrangeas, hardy fuchsias and conifers are just some examples. In this video, you’ll see Lacecap hydrangea, Rosa glauca, Abies koreana ‘Horstmann’s Silverlocke’ … read more


Galaxy Theatre

Gig Harbor Film Festival Returns Oct. 16-19

The 7th annual Gig Harbor Film Festival returns to Galaxy Theatre on Oct. 16-19, 2014. Highlights of the Gig Harbor Film Festival include the Oct. 16 Opening Night and Gala, featuring the film “Frank vs. God” at the Canterwood Golf and Country Club. … read more

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