Studying the color aqua was like being on a trampoline with 8-year-olds at a family reunion picnic: wild, silly, unpredictable and lovingly memorable. It is the chorus line headliner, the sleeping giant or the softest pillow. Aqua doesn’t steal the scene — it … read more


Wheelbarrow full of lady's mantle flowers.

Staying One Step Ahead of Your Garden so You Can Enjoy It

As the days of summer heat up, the last thing we want to do is work hard in the garden. This is the time to enjoy it, play in the sprinklers and hang out with friends. Here are a few tips to help … read more


July and August Mean Crab For West Sound Anglers

July and August Mean Crab For West Sound Anglers

There are reasons those of us living in Western Washington manage to endure the interminably short, gray and damp days of winter and early spring, and for many of us, it’s the memory of summers past and the promise of the summer to … read more

Get The Dirt — Summer Gardening Tips

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Summer Gardening Tips • Fun and Learning •...

Summer Gardening Tips Summer is the perfect time to wander throughout your gardens. Take photos of the planting areas you enjoy the most. Download photos and make notes to yourself what you like the best about the various plants you’ve recorded. Make notes … read more


'Aging in Place' Accessible Bathroom

Planning for Your Future Needs with ‘Aging in Place’ Strategies in Your New Home or Remodel

Recently we began work on a home design for a newlywed couple who are starting their life together by building a home. And, they want it to be one that they can live in for a very long time. Smart thinking, as you … read more

A summer bloomer, tansy ragwort can be anywhere from one to six feet tall. Ingesting this biennial weed can cause irreparable liver damage. (Photo courtesy Kitsap Noxious Weed Control)
Know Thy Enemy

Outsmarting Your Garden Nemesis

Weeds are not altogether undesirable plants. “Heresy!” you might say, but the term “weed” is an arbitrary designation made by a gardener who would prefer to grow another plant instead. To some people, a foxglove is a gift in an otherwise bare bed, … read more


Untreated teak furniture, left outdoors, turned to a silvery-gray color.

How to Restore Indoor Teak Furniture — Part 2

It is best to leave outdoor teak tables, chairs and benches unfinished and sanded to weather to a beautiful silvery-grey color (as shown in this photo). But if your indoor teak furniture, especially a table top, has been exposed to sunlight for several … read more


Port Orchard Gallery Walk Musicians

Enjoying a Saturday at the Port Orchard Gallery Walk

Last summer was a bummer. It seemed that all the Kitsap County gallery walks and festivals were on a first Friday of the month, so attendance was severely divided. Happy to say, “Not so this summer.” My husband, Earl, and I decided to … read more

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