(Photo by Juris Zommers)

How to Clean Patina off Your Sofa or Chair

If the arms of your fabric-covered chair or sofa look darker and feel colder than the rest of the chair fabric, it is patina from your hands. Highly admired on old wood but not on fabric. Most of it can be removed with … read more

Minimalist Living Thoroughly Modern Tranquility

Minimalist Living — Thoroughly Modern Tranquility

Off a narrow, wooded road on Bainbridge Island, a long, tidy gravel driveway leads through the trees. Past the unremarkable gate at the top of the drive, visitors enter the hushed tranquility of the forest. Large trees rise up on both sides and, … read more

A wonderfully crooked branch makes a fabulous chimney spouting from a mass of moss and lichen. (Photo by Colleen Miko)
Covered in Detail

NW Slugs Handmade Mosaics

Magical. Charming. Right out of a fairy tale. Lisa Infante creates tiny fantasy worlds with her one-of-a-kind, custom birdhouses. The attention to detail is what sets her artwork apart from typical garden decorations. The houses are three-dimensional mosaics made from atypical materials. While … read more


King Salmon

Delicious Results with Leftover Wild King Salmon

Fall is here. Golden and red leaves are dominating the airway and transforming the Earth with a new, patterned blanket. The once-prevailing basil is bowing now, as if to say, good performance, curtain going down. A few weeks back that basil bush was … read more


Harlequin Duck

Fall Birdwatching Field Trips on Washington’s Ferries

Western Washington’s ferryboat fleet provides two ways to enjoy fall birdwatching. Not only can you take a round-trip ride as a passenger to see different birds, you can bird around your favorite ferry terminal. Several unique species hang out near these easily accessible … read more

Hamamelis x intermedia, witch hazel Small trees, choice in the Pacific Northwest. Shredded-cheese blossoms in yellows and bronzes appear at the end of winter and last for several weeks. Most varieties are fragrant. They take full sun or partial shade.

The Voodoo Garden — Good Help is Hard to Find

Welcome to my garden. Open the gate and step in, but mind the brambles and thorns. Careful to not crush the bleeding heart. Don’t bump the spiny eccentricity of the Solanum pyracanthum unless you like a good blood-letting. And watch the vines; they … read more


Peninsula Home & Remodel Expo

Get Inspired at This Weekend’s Home Expo

As you migrate indoors and into your home’s cozy spaces, this is a good time to turn attention to those deferred home décor or home improvement projects — before the holidays take the best out of you. Just in time to take advantage … read more


Home Remodeling Not Like HGTV

How a Real Remodeling Project Differs from HGTV

I like to watch those remodeling projects on HGTV and DIY networks. It’s fun to see the changes, and they make it look really effortless and easy. How are those shows different from the reality of a real remodel — your house, let’s … read more

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