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Tips for Planting Out of Season

Tips for Planting Out of Season

Normally, the best time of the year to plant any plant, including our native plants, is during the dormant season. In Western Washington, that time is generally late October through early February. Fall planted plants have a longer time to take advantage of … read more

Achieving Zen

Achieving Zen

A conflicted Bainbridge residence realizes its potential through...

When Marc and Judy Williamson opened the door to the dated Bill Point rambler, they entered a house with a persistent identification crisis. Although the subtle Asian overtones of the architecture were good, the home’s previous owners had interpreted the interior with wall-to-wall … read more

All About Showers

All About Showers

From basic hygiene to a spa-like escape, showers fulfill different needs for different people. Most don’t give a second thought about what goes into creating one of the most used features of the home nor how the design and maintenance of this simple … read more

Tulipa 'Ballade Dream'

Too Many Bulbs — Not Enough Time

No project ever seems to be without a glitch, and for me fall bulb-planting season is filled with a series of glitches and hurdles in a race against time. Yet at the end of summer, I am ready to face the season of … read more

Country Charm — History, family take center stage at Fox Island home

Country Charm

History, family take center stage at Fox Island...

Sue Spencer still recalls the day she received a call at 2 a.m. from her husband, Bill, announcing he found their dream home. It was summer of 1973, and Bill had moved to Washington with a job from Nalley Foods while Sue, who … read more

The author's bat house was graciously built by neighbor John McGhee for about $65 in materials. The house was constructed of 1 inch, by 8 inch, by 8 foot cedar boards cut to size with a total height from ground level of 13 feet. The area below the house provides plenty of horizontal and vertical space for bats to fly safely — free from obstruction and predators.

Build a Better Bat House

You may have heard that bats are wonderful for insect control. They certainly are — a bat can eat as many as 1,000 insects an hour. By devouring mosquitoes, crane flies and other pests, they protect crops and human health. In many parts … read more

Use Your Second Home as Second Income

Use Your Second Home as Second Income

Someone once said that wealth is built on real estate because they’re not making more of it. Doesn’t feel like sound advice for those who bought during the real estate bubble, when housing prices were reaching record highs and anyone with a pulse … read more

Slippery Pig Brewery

The Wine Cabinet — Slippery Pig Brewery

The grand opening of The Slippery Pig Brewery in Poulsbo in June saw a huge amount of excited craft-brew lovers pack the brewery rooms. These were people who enjoy the craft-beer trade and knew that Slippery Pig beers were some of the best … read more

Larry Davis, 57

Unsung Hero — Larry Davis

Resident of Port Orchard • Education Consultant

Larry Davis has been working with families since 1998 to provide consultation and advocacy. As an education consultant, he offers guidance, support and insight as parents navigate the educational system, especially with special needs or gifted children. Frequently, parents come to him for … read more

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