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Daffodil Flowers
Gardening With Peg

Bulb Planting Tips

There’s still time to plant bulbs, whether it’s directly into the garden or into containers. Bulbs are one of the easiest things to plant and then not much work to do after that. If you choose the correct kinds of bulbs, they’re also … read more

Fairway Living

Canterwood Home Remodeled To Fit Owners’ Lifestyle

There is no shortage of luxurious homes in Canterwood, the exclusive, gated community in Gig Harbor. The home of interior designer Nancy Finneson’s clients is no different. Fronted by a driveway that curves gracefully between well-manicured greenery, the home’s front porch stretches up … read more

Camellia on a pergola

Put on Your Winter Bloomers

Good garden design shows no bias to seasons; there is something for everyone as the changes mingle and blend. To discover the garden in winter, bundle up and take a walk outside. The season shows the real bone structure and also reveals the … read more

Choosing Optics For Any Season

Choosing Optics For Any Season

Join the excitement with your family and enjoy...

Choosing which binoculars to buy is based on a wide variety of factors. The most important are when and where will you be using them and what you want to see. To answer these questions, you must do your homework. “When” and “where” will determine … read more

Hiring a Professional Designer Can Be Money Well Spent

Hiring a Professional Designer Can Be Money Well Spent

Despite the downturn in the national and local economy, remodeling of existing homes is on the rise. This is due, in part, to the fact that the average age of homes in our area is well over 30 years old, coupled with the … read more


Knickknacks — The Little Treasures

“They should be outlawed,” said Pat Barber, a longtime volunteer at Faith in Action Thrift Shop. “First, a ceramic dolphin, then two, then friends were gifting me dolphins and it became a dusting nightmare.” The Belfair thrift shop is one of my project … read more

Gifts From the Garden

Gifts From the Garden

There is much to learn about the garden: the planting, the weeding, the pruning, what to grow, plus all those plant names. One of the more enjoyable aspects of what a garden teaches is how the garden gives back. A gifting garden is … read more

Outdoor Activities to Connect Children With Nature

Outdoor Activities to Connect Children With Nature

Early fall is a great opportunity to introduce children to new activities. Children are naturally curious and they love to explore and learn about the natural world. Parents will be amazed at the fun and adventure children can experience in their own backyard, … read more

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