Featured Articles from the West Sound. These are the highlighted articles from the WestSound Home & Garden Magazine.

Blanco Quartrus double bowl sink in stainless steel
Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Plumbing Fixtures for the Kitchen

Go into a plumbing showroom or home-building store and you will be amazed by the variety of types, styles and finishes available in kitchen plumbing fixtures today. The following article is designed as a decision tree to help you make the right choices … read more

A Forever Home on the Beach

A Forever Home on the Beach

When Cara and Patrick Ryan bought their 0.3-acre waterfront property in Southworth in 2000, they fell in love with the relaxing atmosphere. Living in Seattle and using the home as a weekend cabin, the couple knew that eventually they’d want to retire there. … read more

Get The Dirt — Crows

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Crows • Fall Chores and Plantings • Classes...

Crows Fall is the time when days are shorter and fall-colored foliage and decorations abound. It’s also a time of dormancy and death when annual plants die and decompose into great soil, while other plants enter a long sleep, storing energy for next … read more

Smooth as Glass

Create Your Own Glass Garden Terrarium

Terrariums are back! Introduced in 1831 for Victorian parlors and popular again in the 1970s, covered glass containers are an attractive way to display plants while providing the humidity that is difficult otherwise to maintain indoors. While a terrarium normally refers to a … read more


Jim Valley: A Life Lived in Color

Jim Valley — A Life Lived in Color

Much by his own design, Jim Valley inhabits a color-filled world. During summers on his property in the Cromwell area of Gig Harbor, for instance, he has only to look out the windows of his house to behold the rich, evolving tapestry of … read more

Mosaic Flower Pot: Materials
Sweeten The Pot

Step By Step Instructions to Make a Mosaic Planter

This project is the ideal introduction to the craft of mosaics. Making a mosaic flowerpot utilizes the skills required for a larger composition, without the risk of spending much on tools that might not be used again. And a mosaic planter doesn’t need … read more



Like trying to capture wind to put in a mason jar or finding that the cake baked and rose higher than expected — that’s purple. “Go, Huskies!” the man shouted while wearing a bright-purple sweatshirt and an equally vibrant UW monogrammed baseball cap. … read more

'Major' kaffir lily complemented by 'Pink Panther' Phormium and autumn leaves of oakleaf Hydrangea
Unusual Perennials for Cutting

Flower Power

Fresh floral arrangements make a statement. Whether composed of a single, stunning blossom or multihued, full and brimming with petals, a bouquet says that you care about the details and flourishes that make a house a home. And to guests, flowers are a … read more

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