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'Major' kaffir lily complemented by 'Pink Panther' Phormium and autumn leaves of oakleaf Hydrangea
Unusual Perennials for Cutting

Flower Power

Fresh floral arrangements make a statement. Whether composed of a single, stunning blossom or multihued, full and brimming with petals, a bouquet says that you care about the details and flourishes that make a house a home. And to guests, flowers are a … read more


The Chair

Chair or stool: a seat with legs, for one person. A chair can be like a friend, there when needed. Or a chair may be like a familiar song that evokes a memory. But too often those oddball chairs and stools are discarded … read more

Secondary Color

Secondary Color

Not the second stage of the color wheel, but that backseat color you pay less mind to; the color that happened to be there, a whim decision, the jovial hue of gathered gadgets or the color one did not chose. Not to say … read more

Raised planters the size of twin beds are fun personalized spaces for garden experimentation.

Cultivate Your Child’s Love for Gardening

Allowing a bit of creative autonomy is the key to encouraging children to spend time in the garden. Children can be reluctant to try something new, afraid of doing something wrong or making a mess. With their own space to experiment, putter and … read more

Healthy Birds In Your Backyard

Healthy Birds In Your Backyard

What a wonderful spring we had, with lots of moisture and late winter snow in the mountains. All that is good for the birds and their nesting activities that are ongoing. Every year, we hear of some illness issues that pop up from … read more

Lemons Into Lemonade — Remodel Recreates Dream Kitchen
Lemons Into Lemonade

Remodel Recreates Dream Kitchen

When Irv and Sally Sauer built their dream house in McCormick Woods 20 years ago, it was perfect for their lifestyle. The couple designed the 3,400-square-foot house so well, in the two decades since then they hadn’t done any remodeling except for a … read more

Tricycle planted with begonias, ferns and impatiens

Dress Up the Summer Garden

A summer without annuals is like a spring without flowering bulbs. It is time to dress up a drab garden in a kaleidoscope of summer color with seasonal plants. When a garden passion turns into an obsession, you can fill gardens and containers … read more



Studying the color aqua was like being on a trampoline with 8-year-olds at a family reunion picnic: wild, silly, unpredictable and lovingly memorable. It is the chorus line headliner, the sleeping giant or the softest pillow. Aqua doesn’t steal the scene — it … read more

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