Featured Articles from the West Sound. These are the highlighted articles from the WestSound Home & Garden Magazine.

Perspective on Port Madison
Cover Feature

Perspective on Port Madison

Bainbridge Island’s picturesque Port Madison Bay has drawn people to its peaceful shores since Native Americans first paddled into the deep-water harbor. Generations later, in the mid-1800s, the area became home to a bustling lumber mill with an economic impact so great that … read more

Digitalis Illumination 'Flame'

New Plant Introductions

What keeps you interested in plants? Is it spring fever, compelling you to run to your favorite garden center and pick out whatever catches your eye in the moment? Or do you carefully lay out a plan, following your garden designer’s directions or … read more

Slaughter County Brewing Co

The Wine Cabinet — Slaughter County Brewing Co.

Before starting his Slaughter County Brewing Co., Scott Kirvan had been home-brewing for about 30 years. “That’s how I got started, and Slaughter County Brewery is my first time doing professional brewing,” he said. “‘Been doing this, at this location, for about two … read more


Eurasian collared dove, latin name Streptopelia decaocto

Watch for Eurasian Collared-Doves Around West Sound

Eurasian collared-doves are setting some kind of a record when it comes to colonizing North America. They aren’t native to this continent but their numbers stretch from coast to coast. This bird is a native of Europe and parts of Asia. After being … read more

Corner Hutch

Return of the Corner Hutch

Corner hutch popularity is like a rollercoaster. A few years back, I professed the easy availability and need for these space-efficient cupboard/shelf units with one purpose — to hold “things.” Repeating over and over that they are easy to find, easy to repair … read more

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans — Not Just for Summer Anymore

Selecting the right fan for four-season enjoyment

Unlike a chandelier or a stunning kitchen tile backsplash, ceiling fans go mostly overlooked by visitors and occupants of a home. Although fans can be decorative, their primary purpose is utilitarian, hence they are rarely noticed until they are needed or wanted. Ceiling … read more


Gig Harbor Garden Tour

Gig Harbor Garden Tour — a Delightful Affair for a Good Cause

"The Earth laughs in flowers." ~ Ralph Waldo...

Gardens in the greater Puget Sound region literally come alive in June, and gardeners do as well. June brings a plethora of blooms, perfuming the air and dazzling all the senses as summer takes flight in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The West Sound … read more

Ground Cover

Carpeting the Garden in Living Green

A favorite look in many gardens is flagstone surrounded by a carpet of ground covers. Providing interesting textures and colors, the shortest of the short such as creeping thyme, Corsican mint, Irish and Scotch moss, and others cover the soil as they crawl … read more

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