Featured Articles from the West Sound. These are the highlighted articles from the WestSound Home & Garden Magazine.

Ocimum "Wild Red" has thick, purple-and-green leaves and pink flowers. It is also highly ornamental and looks great growing with other annuals.

Hail to the King — Basil

The Greeks held high regard for basil (Ocimum basilicum), and named the herb Vasilikos (pronounced vah-see-lee-KOHS), which means king. In India, basil is favored as a sacred herb. Throughout the centuries, the plant was considered the herb of love, yet on the other … read more


Purple Ochre Sea Star

What’s Going on with the Diminishing Sea Star Population?

As many people have noticed over the last few years, there aren’t anywhere near as many sea stars around as there used to be. Beaches that were home to hundreds of stars now maybe have a dozen or perhaps none at all. This … read more

The Wine Cabinet — Sweet Wines

A wine is rendered sweet due to its residual sugar (RS) content. Sweet wines are usually named ice, late harvest, fortified or dessert wines and can be either red or white. The wines selected herein can be found in many of the local … read more

Private Spaces in the Garden

Private Spaces in the Garden

“More than anything else, a garden is a portal, a passage into another world, one of your own thoughts and your making; it is whatever you want it to be and you are what you want to be.” ~ William Longgood Creating your … read more

Poulsbo Fish Park

Poulsbo’s Fish Park — A Study in Community Leadership

In my 25 years of public life, I have come to believe that community leadership is the key to a good community. Leaders create positive change. This was proven true again in 2002, when a very small group of civic leaders decided to … read more


"Cattle Scene" by Donna Trent, one of the artists featured at this year's tour.

Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour Features 26 Artists

The Greater Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour celebrates its 23rd season by consolidating studios so that visitors can see more artists’ work with fewer stops and less driving. Twenty-six artists, including five who are new to the tour, will participate at 15 locations. … read more

Point No Point Lighthouse
Point No Point Lighthouse

The Sentinel of Yesteryear Still Beckons Visitors

Long before American ports became a major part of a burgeoning transportation industry — and before roads became as common as Northwest rain — Puget Sound was a bustling maritime throughway. The gateway to Puget Sound for all the ships too large to … read more

Cedar waxwing

Nature’s Bounty in the Fall — The Table is Set for the Birds

From late summer into early fall, the wild bird population reaches its highest numbers for the year. This year’s young account for the increase. The population boom coincides with nature’s fall abundance. Many birds, including this year’s young, won’t survive the winter. Their … read more

Bookstores In Kitsap and West Sound

Bookstores Still Treasured in West Sound

"The more that you read, the more things...

Everywhere we go these days, we see people looking at their phones, their tablets, their laptops, their e-readers. Electronically generated information and entertainment are part of our daily lives. We love the convenience of it and the portability. And yet, in the West … read more

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