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Get The Dirt - Carpenter Bees

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Carpenter Bees • Winter Veggies • Blackberry Control...

Carpenter Bees Recently at breakfast, I overheard someone talking about carpenter bees. Most people have heard about carpenter ants but carpenter bees were a new one to know. This person had inherited a deck that had been built with old, untreated and unpainted … read more


Blue Willow Lavender Farm

Enjoy All Things Lavender at Blue Willow Lavender Farm Festival

You don’t have to trek to the Olympic Peninsula to enjoy all things lavender. Blue Willow Lavender Farm, on the Key Peninsula, celebrates all things lavender at its annual festival on Friday and Saturday, July 10 and 11. The farm boasts 10 lavender … read more

WSU Kitsap Extension
WSU Kitsap Extension

Community Education Opportunities

Lifelong Learning in the West Sound

Organic Gardening for Year-Round Harvests This is a hands-on class taught by Master Gardeners to help you create an organic backyard vegetable garden, with an emphasis on extending the growing season and food crops to harvest fall through early spring. Learn the principles … read more


Rose Show

July 11 Show is a Celebration of Roses

Most gardeners love to have visitors to view and talk about what’s growing, and Kitsap County Rose Society members are no different than most. Novice and advanced rose gardeners will groom their best roses for a special July event that will be a … read more

Occasions Coffee and Crepes

Occasions Coffee and Crepes: A Tiny Café with a Big Following

If you walk past the Occasions Coffee and Crepes “hole-in-the-wall” spot in Gig Harbor too fast, your first impression is likely to be that of a coffee/gift shop. Walk a little slower, and you many notice the menu by the door — and … read more

Summer Learning

Ideas for Parents for Promoting Children’s Summer Learning

“Summer time and the living is easy” — but parents shouldn’t make it too easy for their children to forget everything they’ve learned up to vacation time. Schooling stops during the summer but our learning should not. Many children tend to regress in … read more

Perspective on Port Madison
Cover Feature

Perspective on Port Madison

Bainbridge Island’s picturesque Port Madison Bay has drawn people to its peaceful shores since Native Americans first paddled into the deep-water harbor. Generations later, in the mid-1800s, the area became home to a bustling lumber mill with an economic impact so great that … read more

Digitalis Illumination 'Flame'

New Plant Introductions

What keeps you interested in plants? Is it spring fever, compelling you to run to your favorite garden center and pick out whatever catches your eye in the moment? Or do you carefully lay out a plan, following your garden designer’s directions or … read more

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