Featured Articles from the West Sound. These are the highlighted articles from the WestSound Home & Garden Magazine.

Downtown Bremerton Waterfront

The Revitalization of the Downtown Bremerton Waterfront

From 2002 through 2007, after decades of benign neglect, Bremerton’s downtown waterfront received an extreme makeover, an astonishing achievement and a credit to the city’s leaders and citizenry. Bremerton, the grand-old dame of the Kitsap Peninsula and its historic center of commerce and … read more

Andersen Gardens And Home

Garden, Home and Art — Creating New Memories Out of Old

The story of Heather and Eric Andersen is an ever-changing tapestry of creating, renewing, sustaining, caring and loving. They’ve known each other since they met in an algebra class in high school. Gardening and plants have always been an underlying theme in their … read more

Artist John Jewell — Portraits in Two and Three Dimensions

When John Jewell retired from a career of more than 30 years in education, he knew he “wanted to do art.” He’d been gradually taking art classes — starting out as something to do with his daughter. He knew he had found a … read more

Pellet insert NPI45 by Napoleon

Cozy Up — Selecting the Right Fireplace for Your Home

Be it physical or psychological, sitting around a fire has the innate ability to warm your body and your soul. Whether you are toasting marshmallows outside, taking shelter from a winter storm inside or just looking for a bit of cozy ambiance, choosing … read more


Planting Perennials
Gardening With Peg

How to Plant a Perennial Fall Container

Containers packed with plants provide garden pizzazz. Even though this blog and video are about containers for fall to winter enjoyment, they are actually planted up in mid to late summer. Plants often live happily in containers for anywhere from five to seven … read more

Charles Metroz – Polyantha
Care for Roses, Part 3

Summertime Roses

Midsummer Evaluation By now you have been enjoying your rose blooms and perennials so it’s time to take a critical look at how the garden has progressed. Did you arrange the placement of your plants so the plant heights are pleasing to your … read more


Making Your Home Shine

Curb Appeal Tips for Making Your Home Shine

There are many things you can do to improve your homes curb appeal, ranging from doing simple things yourself to hiring a professional. Here is a quick rundown of great curb appeal enhancers that almost everyone can manage. Paint your entry door. Or, … read more


Mossy rose gall

Mossy Rose Gall — A Fascinating Pest

I love plants with interesting foliage, be it the striking color, shape or fragrance. Rosa glauca, with her lovely bluish foliage, captured me the first time I saw it. Its flowers and hips are a bonus, always appreciated for their color and delicate … read more

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