Featured Articles from the West Sound. These are the highlighted articles from the WestSound Home & Garden Magazine.

A colony of spring-blooming Tiarella cordifolia "Brandywine" grows under western hemlocks with the help of summer irrigation.

Standouts for Dry Shade

Ah, gorgeous trees and the shelter and shade they provide! Many local residents are blessed with towering conifers like Western red cedars or the fall colors of maples and other deciduous trees on their properties. Despite all their advantages, trees can create a … read more

Renovating a Collector's Garden

Renovating a Collector’s Garden

This isn’t about the design of a new garden; this is all about an existing one. As the garden ever changes, much can be said about how it grows and develops character. Then there are the spaces that do not age gracefully; the … read more

Simple Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen
Simple Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

Large or small, a well-designed and organized kitchen can save you time, money and make preparing meals safer and more pleasurable. So whether you have a small organization budget or are planning on remodeling or building, feast your eyes on the hidden treasures … read more

Cooking Around the World With Grandma

Cooking Is a Family Affair

Millie Lindell gets to spend quite a bit of time with her five grandchildren. Both she and her adult son and daughter live on Fox Island, so the family spends a lot of time together. But Lindell wanted a special project with her … read more

Jars of herbs lavender

Herbal Stillroom Revival

Gardens in early American colonies were not for ornamentation; they were planted and worked for provision. Specific plants were grown to provide food, soaps, perfumes, insecticides, dyes and medicines — all the things needed to take care of everyday life in the home. … read more

Royal Ascot Northwest Style High Tea Luncheon

Royal Ascot, Northwest Style — High Tea Luncheon

More than 50 women gathered for a British high tea in Gig Harbor in June — not just for a fun afternoon but also for a good cause. The Royal Ascot Northwest Style, in its second year, raised money for Haller, an international … read more

Childproofing your home

How Childproof is Your Home?

Safety is a concern for everyone, especially parents. An important part of raising children is careful supervision of their activities in the home. Parents need to be aware of their children’s surroundings at all times in order to anticipate and prevent potential injury. … read more

Fuchsia 'Santa Claus'

The Hardy Fuchsias of Fall

It is said that people who love fuchsias, really love them. With three generations of fuchsia lovers in my family, I was destined to fall in love with them too. I remember my grandmother’s hanging baskets overflowing with fuchsia branches smothered in blousy, … read more

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