Featured Articles from the West Sound. These are the highlighted articles from the WestSound Home & Garden Magazine.

Burrata Bistro and Paella Bar
Two Cuisines — One Great Experience

Burrata Bistro and Paella Bar

Drive too fast through downtown Poulsbo, and you’ll likely miss the double restaurant in a solid-cement building on the edge of Front Street. But once you’re there, depending on which of two sides you choose, you’ll either discover an upbeat setting (at Paella … read more

Seattle as Living Art — A Rockaway Beach Home

Seattle as Living Art

In this art-filled Rockaway Beach home, the view...

The Space Needle, Pike Place Market, rainy streets and the Puget Sound: Seattle is an artist’s wonderland. As local gallery enthusiasts know, there are countless ways to capture the charm of the city’s streets and skyscrapers with paint and brush. However, while watercolors … read more

Port Gamble's Kitsap Forest and Bay Project

Port Gamble’s Kitsap Forest and Bay Project

Historic Port Gamble, a quaint New England-style village perched above Port Gamble Bay and Hood Canal, has become a lynchpin for an exciting, innovative and collaborative trail and open space initiative. A rare, visionary opportunity has been presented to existing and future generations … read more


Cracked Pot Miniature Container Gardens
Gardening With Peg

How to Create Tiny, Whimsical Gardens in Cracked Pots

Sooner or later, every gardener ends up with a few broken or cracked pottery, ceramic or clay pots. What’s a gardener to do? They’re often way too nice to throw away. My friend, Melissa Lawrence, shows us how to create beauty out of … read more

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art
Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

A Cultural Landmark With a Bold Mission

When longtime Bainbridge Island resident Cynthia Sears had a vision a decade ago to build an arts museum on the island, she met a lot of skepticism. Start with a collection, many advised her, and then explore the feasibility of a building. But … read more

Tami Allen
Musicians by Night

Kitsap’s Hidden Talents

For the past 20 years, Bainbridge Island resident Tami Allen has had a “secret.” A sailboat captain for Lille Danser Boat and Breakfast and a Bainbridge Island Police Department harbormaster by day, she’s also a Cajun and zydeco music performer. Currently a vocalist … read more


Guests carefully handle a mottled sea star
Harbor WildWatch

Get Ready to Get Your Feet Wet!

Leadership. Example. Educate. Stewards. Mentor. These are words you hear over and over when talking with the staff and dozens of volunteers who make Harbor WildWatch the first-rate, local, marine environmental, nonprofit organization it has become. In less than a decade, Harbor WildWatch … read more

The Seaside Garden of Dody Solaas

The Seaside Garden of Dody Solaas

If you were to drive west toward Hood Canal after passing the Hansville General Store on the right, you could easily miss a charmingly beautiful seaside garden on the Hansville shore. The cozy home and garden of Hugh and Dody Solaas is tucked … read more

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