Featured Articles from the West Sound. These are the highlighted articles from the WestSound Home & Garden Magazine.

2015 CVG Show at the Admiral
Community Scene

The 2015 CVG Show at the Admiral

Each year, Collective Visions Gallery invites fine artists from Washington to participate in a statewide juried art competition, the CVG Show. Many community businesses and organizations join with the gallery to recognize and award substantial prizes to the finest artists. From the many … read more

Margie and Jerry Breunig — Dedicated Gardeners
Cover Feature

Margie and Jerry Breunig — Dedicated Gardeners

Margie and Jerry Breunig have shared a lifetime love of plants. She was originally from Seattle but moved to California in her 20s. He was from Southern California but fell in love with this area during visits. They met in their 30s, married … read more

Best of West Sound

Best of West Sound Results 2015

WestSound Home & Garden magazine is excited to present the fourth annual Best of West Sound results — from Bainbridge Island all the way to Gig Harbor, we’ve found the businesses and places you love. Enjoy!   Best Restaurant The Boat Shed 101 … read more


Manchester State Park is one of the many places where you can kayak in West Sound (Discover Pass is required for parking).

Enjoy Puget Sound by Kayak

There is nothing more refreshing then slowly paddling through the beautiful estuary we call home. Puget Sound is the second largest estuary in the United States. Fresh water enters Puget Sound through more than 10,000 rivers and streams all across Washington, and salt … read more

Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers

Winter brings shorter days, longer nights and lower temperatures. There are few things more comforting than coming in from the cold to a house filled with the intoxicating smells of homemade bread and a pot of soup. The beauty of most soups and … read more

How to Build a Green Roof Birdhouse

How to Build a Green Roof Birdhouse

Be the First On Your Block To Have...

Buildings with a “living roof” are all the rage with the current focus on ecologically minded construction techniques. Originally European and historically planted with turf grasses, green roofs are popular worldwide for reducing pollution and runoff and improving insulation, among other environmental benefits. … read more

Lavender is given the meaning "devotion" yet also symbolizes "distrust" after a Victorian legend that the dangerous Asp that killed Cleopatra hid under a lavender bush.

Florigraphy — The Language of Flowers

When we send someone flowers, they are usually sent to express a sentiment. Wishes of love, sympathies, regrets, new birth and death all get scribbled on the little card tucked into the arrangement. “Those of our time do use the flowers in sallads … read more


Pyrex Museum

End of the Pyrex Museum

On Feb. 6, a new business project began in downtown Bremerton that does not include the famous little Pyrex Museum. For 10 years, the Amy Burnett Gallery provided commercial space for the not-for-sale vintage bowls and cookware that once so captured hearts and … read more

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