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My 15-year-old cousin, Allison, visited from southern California in August and got hooked on picking chanterelles.

Finding Gold in the Forest: Chanterelle Mushrooms

Walking gingerly, I trained my eye for the golden color that is so easily mistaken for leaves or bare sticks. It was early September, and there was a recent rain, so my mother and I were out on the mossy slopes of a … read more


Sweet Potato Basil Casserole

Savor the Basil Season with Sweet Potato Basil Casserole

There’s a lot of basil out there this time of the year, but it has reached the end of the season. Folks are scrambling to use and process the fresh aromatic leaves — drying and making yummy basil butter and pesto concoctions. Basil … read more


Eco-lawns include wildflowers, such as English daisies.

Want Carefree Gardening? Tips for Ecolawns and Other Low-Maintenance Ideas

We all would like to have a beautifully landscaped yard that we can take time to enjoy. Some people love to putter in the garden and are proud of their artistic endeavors. Whether you enjoy it or not, many garden chores take a … read more


Condominium bedroom design by Stephanie Lee Harris

How to Insulate with Shades

Some years ago, representatives of an engineering firm in Winslow came to our studio on Madrone Lane and argued that a window shade could not insulate well because the cold has already passed through the glass and is inside the house. To test … read more


The beach at Guillemot Cove Nature Reserve, which is owned by Kitsap County, can be accessed through one of the trails and has beautiful views of "the Brothers." (Photo by Rodika Tollefson)
Trail Basics — Part 1

5 Tips for Safe and Fun Exercising on the Trails

It’s no secret (or surprise) that more and more people are heading to the trails for their regular exercise, whether walking/hiking or running. Whether you are new to the trails or have countless trail hours under your belt, there are some basic tips … read more


Tomato Samples

Annual Event Brings a Celebration of Tomatoes

Mid-September brings a bounty of tomatoes to harvest and there is no better place to experience the many flavors than at Brothers Greenhouses Annual Tomato Tasting event in Port Orchard, not far from the Bremerton National Airport on South 3. Fifty tomato varieties … read more


Gig Harbor's Cider Swig

Gig Harbor’s Cider Swig Is Counting on Hard Cider’s Resurgence

Discriminating drinkers, get your taste buds ready and head to Gig Harbor on Sept. 27 for Cider Swig — a new event that will feature about a dozen hard cider producers from our region, bringing a total of more than 50 types of … read more


Red Plantation

Poulsbo’s Red Plantation is a Journey in Inspiration

In the charming little Nordic village of Poulsbo, you can find everything from Krumkake irons to Lefse paddles. You can also enjoy delicious scones and the original Poulsbo bread. Poulsbo definitely is the Kitsap Peninsula’s “Little Norway,” where you can buy a Scandinavian … read more

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