5 Daffodils to Try in Your Garden

Orange Progress
Orange Progress

If you love daffodils, you’re likely familiar with the popular ones like the iconic Dutch Master or Yellow River, the easily recognizable Barrett Browning or the beautiful Goblet. Since the Year of the Daffodil will be winding down soon, we wanted to share a few other timeless daffodils for your garden, courtesy the National Garden Bureau.

1. Orange Progress

With extra-large flowers and extra-bright colors, Orange Progress is a great choice for landscaping that will always get noticed. It has deep-yellow petals that set off brilliant orange, tightly ruffled cups and weatherproof blossoms with thick.

2. Tahiti

This award-winner was introduced in the 1950s and has remained popular ever since. It’s stunning with its layers of rounded, golden-yellow petals interspersed with frilly, red-orange accents. Tahiti is great for cut flowers, blooming mid- to late-season.


3. Cheerfulness

With a name like Cheerfulness, you can already feel yourself smiling. This beautiful daffodil has creamy-white, double flowers with yellow clusters and long, slender stems with narrow foliage. Bonus: It’s has a nice fragrance reminiscent of gardenia, and will look fabulous in a vase, too.

4. Pink Pride

This daffodil will make a statement in your garden while also showing off in a vase. It has oversized flowers with broad, thick, snow-white petals and prominent, ruffled cups that open in apricot color and later turn to coral pink

5. Golden Echo

Fragrant and cheery-looking, Golden Echo has mid-sized flowers with blossoms that are 3 inches across and long, lemon-yellow trumpets, white petals and a yellow halo. It’s relatively compact, which makes it perfect for flower beds and containers.

Read the National Garden Bureau’s blog for its full top 10 list. According to the NGB, all these are proven perennials, vigorous and sturdy, and were selected so you can have different bloom times.