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From the Garden to the Party

From the Garden to the Party

Make every meal a special event by bringing the garden to the table. Serve your favorite dishes made from homegrown ingredients. Then allow guests to add their own herbal seasonings right from the garden or container. Start by growing the ingredients for your … read more


Butterfly bush

What West Sound Landowners Need to Know About Noxious Weeds

As a gardener and homeowner, I consider myself a steward of the environment, and with that comes the responsibility of choosing plants for my home landscape that are not invasive or noxious. Noxious weeds are non-native plants that were introduced in the State … read more


Using correct soil mixes and mulches is critical to a thriving, functional rain garden. (Photo by Zsofia Pasztor)

Why Does the Northwest Need Rain Gardens?

An Excerpt from 'Rain Gardens for the Pacific...

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we all love looking at the mountains and ocean, lakes and creeks, our huge evergreen trees and silvery sagebrush, and the vast fields and endless horizons stretching out both east and west of the mountains. That is why … read more


Apex Planter with Trellis and Shelf (Photo by

Grow a Bigger Garden in a Smaller Space

Whether in the ground or on a balcony or deck, there’s always room to grow your own garden-fresh produce and beautiful flowers. Space-saving gardening techniques and products can help you increase productivity in any available space. Consider elevated gardens and planter carts that … read more


Peat Free Gardening

Your Potting Soil may be Harming the Environment

Today, home gardeners are taking a second look at the way they garden, aiming to upgrade to more sustainable practices and bring their passion for gardening in line with their environmental principles. Leaving peat moss out of our gardens is one meaningful step … read more


Terrariums are mini greenhouses that continue to grow in popularity, don't require a lot of care and are perfect for the holiday season whether given as gifts or used for décor. (Photo by Gardener's Supply Company)

Four Easy-Care Gardening Trends for the Holiday Season

Dress up the holidays or give gifts that continue giving throughout the year with these low maintenance gardening trends. Just add a little fun, classic beauty or style to make it even more memorable now and throughout the year. Terrariums: These mini greenhouses … read more


Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Katsura tree

Glorious Fall Foliage

Every season has its golden child. Its pride and joy, the thing we celebrate above all else. Spring has her cheerful bulbs poking their heads out of the ground after a long sleep, and bright, succulent greens. Summer has the warm breezes, serious … read more


At the end of the summer garden season, you can use the space for cover crops or a winter vegetable.

Time for Fall Garden Cleanup

Some gardeners ignore or forget a very important part of the garden year. But you should think of it as getting ready to plant again. With the decrease in daylight, our plants are slowing down and it is a good time to remove … read more

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