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Untreated teak furniture, left outdoors, turned to a silvery-gray color.

How to Restore Indoor Teak Furniture — Part 2

It is best to leave outdoor teak tables, chairs and benches unfinished and sanded to weather to a beautiful silvery-grey color (as shown in this photo). But if your indoor teak furniture, especially a table top, has been exposed to sunlight for several … read more


Carpet Pads

Replacing Your Carpet? Don’t Forget the Carpet Pad

A client is having new carpet installed in the living room, and was told by the salesperson that the pad — which is 10 years old — needs to be replaced. The client questioned whether that’s really necessary. If you’re replacing your carpet, … read more


Turn a Boring Floor into a Piece of Art with Faux Paint

Turn a Boring Floor into a Piece of Art with Faux Paint

With a little bit of paint — and...

My husband turned to me a couple of weeks ago and said, “You know that vintage area rug you’ve got downstairs in our basement studio, trying to cover up the plywood floor? I’ve always hated that. What I’d like to see down there … read more


Review Website Warning

The Pitfalls of Using ‘Review’ Websites to Help Choose Your Building or Remodeling Contractor

You’ve seen them online, and the ads on TV. Use their website to get reviews before you hire a builder or remodeler (or a doctor, dentist etcetera). Their “list” can save you lots of headache, the ads claim. But how do these sites … read more


Frozen Popsicles: mango, pomegranate, and strawberry lemonade

Celebrate Summer by Making Your Own Cool Popsicles

Summer has officially arrived and for me that brings forth childhood memories of hearing the ice cream truck music off in the distance. I would scramble to the house and scrounge around to get enough change together before the truck passed me by. … read more


Teak Furniture

How to Restore the Color of Teak Furniture

A client who has a 1960s Danish oiled-teak dining table was recently inquiring how to safely restore the original color of the furniture. The table has dark spots in several places, and the client wanted to know what to do to get back … read more


New Bainbridge Store Fuses Asian Influence with Northwest Décor

The Pacific Northwest and Asia don’t seem to have a lot in common when it comes to décor, but a new Bainbridge shop proves that the two styles can live in harmony. Plum, which opened in May at 124 Winslow Way East, infuses … read more


Installing a mirror is an easy task but does require a few considerations, such as making sure you're using the right adhesive — and you're using it properly.

How to Properly Install a Bedroom Mirror

Installing a mirror is easy but it does require a little bit of planning. Here’s how to install a full-length mirror on the back of a bedroom door without a fuss. If the door is solid wood, then metal or plastic clips will … read more

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