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Vacation Destinations Where You Can Stretch Your Dollar in 2017

Getting more out of a vacation starts with finding ways to stretch your travel budget. To help, travel deals publisher Travelzoo recently unveiled the top six destinations where Americans will find the strongest deals in 2017. “We predict three trends will influence travel … read more


Start Your Winter-Blooming Garden

Color in the garden does not have to end when the skies turn gray and rainy. Some gardeners even like the challenge of having something blooming or showing color 12 months a year. Here are three very reliable plants that can get you … read more


Consumers can take cues from eco-friendly brands like Musco to go green at home.Consumers can take cues from eco-friendly brands like Musco to go green at home.

5 Easy Ways to Live More Sustainably

It might not feel like you alone can have an impact on the environment, but over time, small lifestyle changes can make a substantial difference. Need some ideas to get started? Draw inspiration from the collective efforts of one California olive company working … read more

Utensil Holders

Utensil Holders

Maybe the least minded of kitchen items, yet maybe the most useful of vessels — the utensil holder. Being the least notable of kitchen devices means some design mistakes can be made. A while back I had a blast writing about midcentury kitchen … read more


Terrariums are mini greenhouses that continue to grow in popularity, don't require a lot of care and are perfect for the holiday season whether given as gifts or used for décor. (Photo by Gardener's Supply Company)

Four Easy-Care Gardening Trends for the Holiday Season

Dress up the holidays or give gifts that continue giving throughout the year with these low maintenance gardening trends. Just add a little fun, classic beauty or style to make it even more memorable now and throughout the year. Terrariums: These mini greenhouses … read more



Identification Guidelines for Bird Watchers

The late Roger Tory Peterson developed an identification system for birds that eventually earned him the title “dean of birdwatchers.” When first introduced, these guidelines were designed to aid in the identification of birds seen from a distance. They evolved into an all-encompassing … read more

Norwegian Cottage Christmas

A Norwegian Cottage Christmas

Laila Caspersen and John Hansen were each raised in families who had observed Norwegian traditions and cultural values for generations. When they met in college and discovered their similar backgrounds, it seemed natural to marry and continue those traditions. Their home is a … read more

F.R.O.G. Soap
F.R.O.G. Soap

Good for Body and for Planet — Clean and Green

There isn’t much that Laura Kneib can’t make by hand. Clothes. Butter. Wood boxes. Pottery. Growing up in a family that made anything from their own clothes to herbal remedies has taught her two things: You make everything you use, and then you … read more

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