Anna's Hummingbird

Dueling Hummingbirds

Even before March arrived hummingbird enthusiasts were keeping an eye out for the first returning Rufous hummingbird. March is the month when these tiny bits of feather and bone return to the Pacific Northwest. They have spent the winter in the Southwest United … read more

Keyport Mercantile

A Perk of the Merc — A Century of Coming Together

For more than a hundred years, the Keyport Mercantile has stood as the heart and soul of its community. Affectionately known as “the Merc,” the business has ridden out the rise and fall in the fortunes of its hometown alongside the people it … read more



Enjoy the Early Spring Color Splash

The forsythia blooming is traditionally the start of spring activities in the garden. Rosarians use that as a clue to begin pruning roses. This year, the forsythia in my garden bloomed a full four weeks ahead of previous years due to the record … read more

Roxy Theater

Now and Then — Roxy Theater

First-run movies and folks who once lined up around the block to get in at the Roxy Theater have long been faded memories. The double-sided, age-worn, empty marquise, the towering vertical sign with missing letters and the huge, old “ROXY” sign — which … read more


Northwest Park Trail

Help Decide the Future of Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park

Planning for the stewardship of Kitsap County’s shoreline block of 535 acres in Port Gamble will be discussed in public workshops that get underway at the end of March. The county’s Parks Department acquired the property, named the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park, … read more


Kites over Kingston

Kites Over Kingston a Colorful, Fun Event

Kites over Kingston is a colorful, lighthearted celebration of spring where participants can either bring and fly their own kites or simply watch the sky fill with spiraling color. Come to the Mike Wallace Park on Saturday, March 28, from 11 a.m. to … read more

Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery

Delighting in the Indigenous — Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery

“Gardening makes you feel good,” says Ingrid Wachtler, owner of Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery. She believes that gardening is a wholesome and beneficial pursuit that keeps one young. After two decades of growing and selling plants in Gig Harbor, Wachtler still gets excited … read more


Andrew Barnwell

Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra presents ‘Shakespeare: Comedy and Tragedy’ with the BPA Shakespeare Society

Shakespeare has long been a source of artistic inspiration. His literary works have inspired visual art, plays, film, dance, music and more. In a concert series on Saturday and Sunday, April 18 and 19, the Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra will collaborate for the first … read more

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