Kol Medina

Unsung Hero — Kol Medina

Executive director, Kitsap Community Foundation

Kol Medina has been serving as the executive director for Kitsap Community Foundation since 2012. Though his fingers are on nearly all the activities of the small organization, his primary role is to lead the nonprofit and serve as the spokesperson, develop partnerships … read more

Clear Creek Trail System

An Oasis in the Middle of an Urban Development

When people think of Silverdale, many immediately see it as a large shopping center, massive parking areas and lots and lots of traffic. It’s hard to believe that in 1841, Capt. Wilkes sailed into a bay from Puget Sound and named it Dyes … read more

Steller’s jay

Northwest Birds Meet Northwest Visitors

When summer guests visit West Sound country, many of them are interested in seeing some Northwest birds. Locals take these birds for granted because they are familiar with them — and it’s easy to think these birds are well known in other regions … read more



Never Run Out of Ingredients by Stocking Your Pantry Right

Have you ever noticed when you run to the store for one particular item you usually end up grabbing a few more items than you intended? I’ve found by keeping a good stock of staple items I can make many different dishes from … read more

Olalla Bluegrass

Olalla Bluegrass & Beyond Festival Turns 25

Every August since 1991, Olalla has brought together people of all ages from throughout West Sound — and as far away as Texas, Virginia and even Europe — to “Kick the City Off Their Shoes” at the Olalla Bluegrass & Beyond Festival. This … read more

Square-Foot Gardening

Easy-Peasy Square-Foot Gardening

On Jan. 20, 1993, a memorably violent storm ripped through the Puget Sound region. As Mike Lasnier, then a young Tukwila police officer, headed for work along Southcenter Boulevard, the storm hurled a massive tree from a high cliff down onto the road … read more

A Little Piece of Heaven on Bainbridge Island

A Little Piece of Heaven on Bainbridge Island

Liz and Gordon Evans had a dream — retire and move from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Bainbridge Island. Simple, right? But, when you live half a continent away, a collaborator who hears your dream and makes it her own is a necessary asset. In … read more

Water-Smart Gardening

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Water-Smart Gardening • What's Up for Kids •...

Water-Smart Gardening July and August bring some of the best weather in West Sound. Some local folks like to say that summer begins on July 5 each year. But that hasn’t been the case this year, as we’ve had many summery days. Local … read more

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