Builder/Remodeler or Architect

Builder/Remodeler or Architect… Which Comes First?

If you are planning to build a new home or do a major remodel, there is a natural question that should come up. Whom do I call first? A builder/remodeler or an architect (or designer)? In 28 years of building and remodeling, I … read more

Hazel Bellinger

Unsung Hero — Hazel Bellinger (and Jackson)

Assistant Spay/Neuter Coordinator (volunteer), Humane Society of Mason...

Hazel Bellinger started volunteering with the Humane Society of Mason County in August 2012 after retiring from a 35-year career with the Kitsap County 911 Center. Prior to that, she was a volunteer and then a board member at Kitsap Humane Society for … read more

A Home for the Best of Life

A Home for the Best of Life

An unassuming house perched on a hillside turns out to be anything but unassuming. Behind a cobbled entrance and craftsman door lies a leafy view that sweeps to the shimmering Puget Sound and snowy Cascade peaks. Throw in the ever-changing sky and cityscape … read more


Food Labeling

Abundance of ‘Healthy’ Labels Gives Food for Thought

It is a strange age when it seems like one requires a trip to the library, a day of research and an existential crisis just to understand the labels on a carton of eggs at the supermarket. There has been a push in … read more

Landscape design by Patrick Leuner

Selecting a Landscape Designer or Landscape Architect

“Gardeners, I think, dream bigger than emperors,” said author and journalist Mary Cantwell. But sometimes gardeners need help in realizing their garden dreams. When you do need help, two challenging questions arise: What type of creative professional do you need — a landscape … read more



In the Market Now: Pears

Of all the delicious fruits grown in the Northwest, pears may be the most versatile, succulent and satisfying of all. Pears transcend summer into fall, ripening late summer to early autumn, depending on variety and weather conditions. This beautiful fruit lends itself to … read more

Festuca glauca (Elijah Blue) Blue Fescue

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Bats • Planting Ornamentals • Become a Master...

Bats Eat Insects Galore Bats were a topic in this column in fall of 2008. Since a horribly devastating disease called “white nose syndrome” or WNS is decimating bat populations nationwide, it’s appropriate to revisit information about one of nature’s most awesome weapons … read more


Theler Wetlands

A Walk on the Edge for Birdwatchers

This time of the year provides some of the best birdwatching. A walk on the “edge” will produce the largest variety of bird species. Forests and heavy brush bordering fields, wetlands and other open areas create this edge effect birds are drawn to. … read more

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