Best Pumpkin for Carving

10 Tips for Picking the Best Pumpkin for Carving a Perfect Jack-o’-Lantern

Halloween Fun Fact: Ninety percent of parents admit to secretly snatching some candy from their kids’ Halloween trick-or-treat bags! Never carry your pumpkin by the stem. It’s part of the visual allure, and if the stem snaps, it can accelerate the pumpkin’s rotting. … read more

The Cutest Potting Shed Ever

The Cutest Potting Shed Ever

A few years after Ruth and Brian* built their home on Haven Lake, Ruth decided she really needed a potting shed to house her books, seeds and vintage family garden tools. She drew up a concept picture and turned to her every-handy husband. … read more

Curly thatch moss and the lichen British soldiers

Moss and Lichens

Verdant moss carpeting the ground and draping the trees enchants us and adds a depth of beauty to woods and gardens. A world with moss pleases the eye, but for those who take the time, there is a second world to enjoy. The … read more


Baked Apple Cake

In the Market Now: Apples

“As American as apple pie,” the saying goes. “An apple a day keep’s the doctor away” — maybe because an apple is full of fiber and vitamins and minerals? And then, stories abound about a guy name Johnny Appleseed who went across the … read more

Clematis behind rose

Clematis — the Perfect Companion Plant

Do you have a problem structure in your garden? Perhaps there is an ugly shed or very functional fence calling for a color pop on your property? Clematis could be the answer to your design needs. They are available in many colors and … read more


Waterfront Dining at Gig Harbor’s Morso

At the corner of Peacock Hill and Harborview in Gig Harbor, Morso’s bright, apricot-colored umbrellas on the balcony beckon diners and wine enthusiasts to come up and enjoy the view. Well-appointed planters surround the outdoor dining area, and a fire table warms diners … read more

Home Office Inspirations

Home Office Inspirations

Creating a Home Office Where You can Be...

It is funny to think of it now but in the not-too-distant past, “working from home” had a distinct (negative) stigma to it, as if there was something slovenly about it. Today, that stigma has all but evaporated, as companies large and small … read more

Tides of Justitia
Art in Public Places

‘Tides of Justitia’

Familiar to anyone who drives along Burwell Avenue in Bremerton, “Tides of Justitia”is an installation in the Bremerton Police Department’s courtyard. Five roug-hewn granite spheres and a granite bench surround a metal sculpture made by artist James Kelsey, a former Port Orchard resident … read more

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