Tiny houses

Downsizing: 10 tips on how to ‘right-size’ your next home

Tiny houses are currently “big” so to speak, but really, how many people can actually live and function in a 350-square-foot home after living in 2,500 square feet or more? Downsizing is a popular topic for sure, but there is another small home … read more


Key Peninsula Art Walk

Key Peninsula Hosts Second Annual Art Walk

The Key Peninsula may be somewhat isolated and rural, but it has a thriving and active arts community. Inspired by other areas that have been hosting art walks to great success, the local arts organization, Two Waters Arts Alliance, hosted an art walk … read more

Greening Your Kitchen

Greening Your Kitchen

Kitchens have evolved from being the backwater to the epicenter of the home. Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure the environmental health of this multitasking room for the comfort and safety of all occupants. From the simple to the complex, … read more


Children Helping Kitchen

5 Ways to Get Your Kids in the Kitchen (But Not Get in Your Way)

My three kids spend so much time with me in the kitchen. Daily, we chop, we mix, we bake, we stir, we do life together around our island and over food. At this point, they are trained professionals when it comes to helping … read more

Les & Betty Krueger Family Healing Garden

The Les & Betty Krueger Family Healing Garden at Harrison

"I go to nature to be soothed and...

When you go out to dig in your garden, take a stroll in the neighborhood park or simply sit on a bench under a shady tree, do you achieve a unique sense of calm? Chances are you do, perhaps without even recognizing the … read more


Upwind Sailing

The ‘Secrets’ of Upwind Sailing, Explained

Have you ever noticed the grace and beauty of a sailboat silently moving about? Many, many years ago, sailing vessels had square sails. They pretty much sailed in the direction the wind was blowing, being pushed along toward a destination. This worked well, … read more


Carpaccio of zucchini
In the Market Now


There is an urban legend that a New Jersey law makes it illegal to place zucchini in other people’s cars or leave it on a neighbor’s porch. The humor in this illustrates just how prolific this commonly grown vegetable plant can be, and … read more

Creative Tablescape Competition Winners 2016

Creative Tablescape Competition Winners 2016

As we have in the past, WestSound Home & Garden magazine received an abundance of creative tablescapes. The choices were all wonderful — but our tablescape judges, Teri Hern and Linna Lawrence, made the difficult decisions! Thank you to all who took the … read more

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